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after 20 years of development, China’s tourism industry have a certain scale, as a special tourism market of university students’ tourist market segmentation, also started spin-offs. College students’ tourism product design with the life of college students, psychological characteristics, to meet the personalized needs of student groups, the market consumption group characteristics is similar, the potential is huge, easy to enterprise development.

sorry swim tribe is the chongqing area one of the earliest travel company dedicated to college students’ traveling, to “let college students fall in love with travel” for the mission, for college students’ group organizations planning travel routes and provide travel information free of charge. At present, stopping swimming has launched more than 20 kinds of travel products, consumers covers various universities of chongqing and chengdu some universities.

sorry swim tribal belonging to embarrassing way of chongqing electronic commerce co., LTD., formerly founded in 2001, college students outdoor travel group, founded by a group of students. Yang Shihao is one of the founders, Sir, “he told cloud network hunting founding members because love travel together, then groups of various pressure dissolved. But because the same dream, we set up in December 2014, chongqing embarrassing way electronic commerce co., LTD., since its inception has received a total of more than 2000 passengers. After 15 years of development, stopping swim tribes became a designed for college students’ DIY new student travel company.”

sorry tribe original purpose is to let tourism interests have a platform to continue, but with the development of the team, sorry to swim tribes to the regularized development gradually. At present, the town has more than 70 leaders, more than 100 offline agent, organizing more than 20 times, the user more than 1500 people. In January 2015, Stewart swim tribe “permanent commissions” are put forward on the agent system, marks the cannonballs swim tribes began to promote O2O model; In February, stopping swim tribes officially stationed in chongqing university and the garden; In march, stopping swim successfully launched one thousand fairy mountain party activity; In April, sorry to swim tribe’s official website online operations.

the cannonballs tribal mainly cooperate with travel agencies, as well as travel enthusiasts through the platform organize hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. In order to enhance the user participation, will from time to time stopping swim tribal barbecue, party diathesis developing activity, such as in dating platform at the same time, strengthen the outdoor survival ability of college students.

Yang Shihao to introduce cloud network hunting, stopping swim tribe’s long-term goal is to make college students travel standardized service platform. But now the university students’ tourist market access threshold is low, service top. Swim tribes in the face of competitors have a lot of, such as college students play network, programs, travel network, each university, also can have one or two internal organisation, so while the market prospects, but at the moment. Although in its infancy, but stopping swim tribe hopes to create a standardized college students travel service platform. Stopping swimming products will get rid of the defect of traditional tourism behind closed doors, focus on customer needs, to personalized, strive to provide users with real enjoy travel.

Yang Shihao to hunt cloud network, according to the future with swim platform can increase the theme tour line, custom long-term tourism and international tourism. Currently limited to the funding problems, mainly through tourism product sales, business model is relatively single. Company plans after financing, on the basis of the existing management content development diversification.

company: chongqing embarrassing way electronic commerce co., LTD.
Products: sorry swim tribal

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