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the ball friend circle is a provide users with the venue booking, event registration, team challenges and the ball friend communication functions such as the movement of the App, billiards, badminton, soccer, and currently supported Beijing area of 8 kinds of ball games, such as booking and events.

the ball friend circle launched operations in March this year, affiliated with Beijing the ball friend circle network technology co., LTD. The ball friend circle at the beginning of the line to win the dragon mining investment institutions of angel investment 10 million yuan, the financing will be used in product development, data mining, venues in ERP system, to push and user subsidies, etc. The following plan to attract A round of funding from other investment institutions.

the ball friend circle founder Yang Guoting for dragon mining technology group chairman, at the same time, in addition to the above mentioned come from outside the group’s internal financial advantage, and from Yang Guoting individual voluntary advantage, able to support projects in the normal operation of resources.

the ball friend circle is an integrated platform of social sports and sports venues, solve the problem of offline sports venues on business, to provide ERP system for offline venues, make the management more convenient. At the same time line about the ball more joined the social elements, let users have now venue booking to events integration do after transformation.

the ball friend circle belongs to the parent company of dragon mining group in major cities all over the country are subordinate to the branch, with advantages in the aspect of pushing landing saved a large part of the cost, at the same time have the funds to support rapid replication allows it to be in a different region, quickly spread to push around the country.

from the development level, the dragon mining technology group, has three software companies, although Yang Guoting looks like real estate boss, actually is also a technical background, technical service and support is not a problem. It is understood that the ball friend circle team a total of 80 people, including technical 17 people.

Yang Guoting to hunt cloud network, according to the ball friend circle service scope covers 15 cities across the country, cooperative venues, more than 800. Registered users of more than 36000 people, including more than 20000 active users. At this stage the ball friend circle for billiards, badminton, tennis, and these three kinds of individual activity to the user booking subsidies, subsidies in the form of a red envelope vouchers.

at present, Yang Guoting will be framed in the ball friend a booking platform for the sports venues, the future will combine personal resources advantage of the integration of focus or at sporting events. Each venue through this platform to integrate their own members. At the same time also has a local television station and individual institutions to integrate competition in collaboration with the ball friend circle.

about future earnings, Yang Guoting himself did not agree with the Internet product burn patterns, but profit is the premise of the first activity, do in the future the ball friend circle in the venue booking, integrating events, do training for players value-added services such as profit etc., with the constant improvement of products after will generate more profit points, but the stability of the flow to achieve a quick cash.