cloud network hunting note: Splunk founded in San Francisco in 2004, IPO in 2012, is a big data as the first listed companies in the industry, has a disruptive technology and products. The company through the analysis of big data fast accurate ability bring huge business value for customers, is a leader in the field of big data.

Splunk on the evening of 9 announced its $one hundred and ninety million acquisition Caspida successfully. Caspida company was founded in Palo Alto (Palo Alto), which USES machine learning techniques to help the company to distinguish from the external and internal network security hidden danger. According to the company announced that the deal has ended.

Splunk use data and automation science and technology to help companies deal with the machine data attacks from the IT system. According to the Splunk marketing, senior vice President of Haiyan Song said: “this business in some

company has called a Splunk App For Enterprise Security Security products. With the acquisition of Caspida Splunk safe, Arsenal and added new weapons, to strengthen its using Caspida developed machine learning technology to locate the security threat.

Haiyan Song explains: like other companies, Splunk also noticed the gap existing in the last year in constant growth, customer also requires better security detection to deal with those threats. In these use stolen certificate of safety risk is difficult to verify the signature or traditional security technology to detect. If anyone with a valid certificate to enter, it conveniently without rules or patterns. Can’t tell whether they are effective users.

this is why you need to use scientific data to more closely observe each using the system, even if they have made to look like the effective certificate users. Splunk is driven by scientific data, provide automatic detection, using machine learning to become smarter.

above is Caspida Splunk provides the most important thing, for its tools library fills a big hole. It is very close to the location of the two companies in silicon valley, 35 Caspida staff will join Splunk work immediately.

Caspida was founded in 2014, at the end of last year released the first product. Although it has become a part of Splunk, but it will continue to service for consumers. Haiyan Song said Caspida now have Splunk sales team and customer base, should be growing faster than before. By then, Caspida team will be more fully into Splunk.

according to the data of Crunchbase ranges, Caspida since its inception has been to raise $11.5 million. And $one hundred and ninety million more to its investors with considerable benefits.


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