on July 29 (word/WeiQing)

spirit’s blue 5 months of 5 million sales, jingdong 6.18 item sales champion. Half a month ago, meizu do invitation letter with the nokia 1110, that’s mobile phone sales of the highest in the history of the machine body “(250 million). What, you kill the love of the red rice already can’t give you more passion? Released today, meizu incarnate blue 2, price 599 yuan of the nokia 1110 wants to compare with, let’s take a look at the charm between blue 2 and nokia 1110 how far worse, what is the worth of reason.

high quality, good enough

the people’s demand for double card double stay double 4 g reached 49.5%, the charm 2 do all of the blue, moreover also supports 5 GHZ dual-band WiFi, the highest download speed is 18.75 MB/S. Spirit’s blue 2 USES the clock frequency of 1.3 GHz quad core processor A53 architecture, dual-core Mali – T720 graphics processor, 16 g eMMC 5.0 high speed flash memory, 16 gb of storage space, the highest support 128 gb expansion card. Spirit’s blue 2 USES MT6735 chip, frequency 450 MHZ, is 40% higher than red rice 2 gpu, run 28089 points, can even rival samsung GS4. Spirit’s blue memory 2 GB, even running android 5.1, after startup will be remaining 1.1 GB, double 64 architecture, 7 as smoothly and glory. Battery capacity is 2500 mah, the samsung CMOS1300W main camera, pre – 5 million megapixel camera.

spirit’s blue 2 one-handed operation form and spirit’s blue note2 competition begin

in order to create a single hand operation experience, good spirit’s blue 2 to adjust the back curve, the 5.0 -inch hd display, but the proportion of the screen from the adjustment to 16:9, bring in Bai Yongxiang words, let users find the one-handed operation of nokia 1110 carefree feeling.

in addition, the meizu also cooperate with JBL launching a youth-oriented headset products, JBL T100A, high sensitive microphones, 99 yuan, the collocation of spirit’s blue 2 price 69 yuan.

meizu have also begun to old change new, pull the environmental protection standard for impulse

smartphones blowout, 2010 to 2010 from 35 million to 450 million. The meizu of waste electronic products guiyu, for example, pain Chen electronic waste pollution to the environment, the meizu began the sideline recycling electronic products, not only recycle meizu’s own products, will also recycle apple, millet and huawei, and other products. Spirit’s blue note2 scrappage price is 496 yuan, hopes that by environmental protection awaken young buyers enthusiasm. This also from the side reflects the meizu 2 “machine” peak, want to go from here as the nokia 1110’s ambition.

now on 2 in the meizu’s official store, meizu Tmall, mobile phone QQ space synchronization open appointments, gray, white, pink and blue 4 kinds of color for the user to choose from. In addition, the meizu also launched a mobile accident insurance, 59 yuan a year, officially launched on August 3.

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