cloud network hunting note: the acclaimed guitar speaker manufacturers Marshall (Marshall) into mobile. The headquarters is located in England, company announced Thursday at the designed for music lovers of Android smartphones – London (Lollipop). The smart phone design restoring ancient ways, and play their own music background characteristics, equipped with a resolution of 1280 * 720 4.7 -inch screen, clock frequency of 1.2 GHz qualcomm Xiao dragon 401 processor, 2 gb of memory and 16 gb of built-in storage, support the MicroSD card.

although Marshall’s first foray into smartphones will not shake the market share of Apple and Samsung, but the acclaimed guitar speaker manufacturer’s first mobile devices has its own unique characteristics, it can show the iPhone and the Galaxy squad of iterative development trend in the future.

this is the new product is a tailor made for music lovers android smartphones (Lollipop). It equipped with high resolution audio dedicated processor (including FLAC uncompressed files), dual headphone jack, some nice Marshall Mode in-ear headphones, at the top of the quick access to the user interface button, a special music global audio equalizer and roller volume knob. At the same time it also has a superior to the traditional smartphone can replace 2500 milliampere batteries and MicroSD memory card.

although there are no formal sale this kind of mobile phone, but the Swedish Marshall’s official website has listed the phone all of the features and specifications, the website of the countdown display soon will launch in the United States. But there is no American version of the price information.

in the field of smart phones, the hardware’s unique creativity and specialization is the trend of The Times. Such as luxury mobile phone have Vertu and Lamborghini, equipped with large image sensor with Panasonic (Panasonic), and Samsung surround type processing screen. Soon after, any successful sale may appear in the smartphone market. Dual headphone jack and high resolution audio processing power will soon become the mainstream.


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