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according to the national health development planning commission’s latest statistics show that China’s existing more than 260 million, a chronic disease caused by chronic disease burden accounted for nearly 70% of the total burden of disease. Patients with chronic diseases is different from other diseases, it needs to be self management and rehabilitation of illness for a long time, how to make easy record patient condition, management has become a chronic disease should be particularly pay attention to things. “Easy to visit” is a patients with high blood pressure, diabetes and help them easily common data such as record of blood pressure blood sugar APP, launch in late June.

founder Wu Guopeng said, the current is common on the condition of the accused of patients with chronic diseases, two problems, one is not enough emphasis on the disease; Second, for patients with chronic disease self-management and track the effect not beautiful, many patients can’t insist for a long time to treatment and management of the disease, most people are rely on memory, notebook or family reminded to monitor patients. In both cases can easily lead to omit important information, record information is not accurate, and so on and so forth, the doctor can’t timely understand and monitor the patient’s condition. Easy to visit is designed for the elderly, a simple and easy to operate the APP, users fill out basic information to complete the registration, and then test the blood sugar and blood pressure in accordance with the time, type, numerical ordinal fill in, after completing each record, can also be open to take medicine, blood glucose, blood pressure testing remind remind function.

in addition, set in the background of the yi’s visit to the doctor, the patient’s data and log can learn. Patients to the hospital, oneself at home and record test data to see the doctor, the doctor can quickly understand the patient’s condition over a period of time in the past. Wu Guopeng introduced to, easy to visit as the patient’s electronic medical record, in daily diagnosis and treatment, doctors need to quickly input all kinds of inspection results, can view the clinical situation, and the data more comprehensive and reliable, can also track observation on the patients, to a certain extent, reduce workload, improve efficiency. The

a lot for diabetes and high blood pressure APP involves function are very broad, such as nurses, sugar glucose housekeeper. Records in addition to the basic function, they also opened a online visits, intellectual education, patients are displaced, and other functions. Easy to visit the founder Wu Guopeng told hunting cloud network: “they are to add these functions, one is to increase the user’s use frequency, the other is for commercial exploration. But the slow disease management does not have a good business model.” Therefore, easy to visit early wants to concentrate on the record the core functions of blood sugar and blood pressure, and the tools, is in no hurry to commercially.

but then I have to ask, only by such a simple function design, to win the user’s attention and trust? The Wu Guopeng explains: “yi group was to call for old patients and doctors, middle-aged and old patients with weak electronic products, the dependence of the Internet, so the requirement to use function is not high. For the doctor, he is only interested in the patient’s data.”

in addition, why don’t easy visit to do light visits this piece? Special Wu Guopeng said: “on the one hand, the light is not really solve the problem, is more of a psychological comfort, etc; Special, on the other hand, most of the light to carry on the business model to explore, is must carry on the charge, but patients’ willingness to pay will not very high, business model has certain question. Easy to want to do is to focus on its core functions, as the tool that records, convenient with a chronic illness, let its illness can get very good management and monitoring.”

easy to visit at present a total of 12 people, technical development, product online promotion etc. Promotion of this block, easy to prepare based on offline community hospitals, pushed to patients by doctors, At the same time, cooperate with the government to promote this product. Wu Guopeng tell hunting cloud network, at the present stage, the team will be collected through offline to perfect, but will eventually around the whole product design simple and pure and fresh, focus on the basis of the core functions.

to profit, Wu Guopeng convective cloud network, said: “we want users to achieve a certain scale, such as data has stability and the reference value, and try again to the user’s data resources integration, to provide reference for the research and treatment of chronic diseases, to make a profit.”

hunting cloud network understand, easy to visit the first capital of 1 million yuan of investment by individuals, a new round of financing plans in the works.