an Indian provide storage solutions startup BoxMySpace recently announced a $300000 fund support, the funds from many investors, including the early investment fund Orios Venture Partners, a co-founder of Farooq Oomerbhoy, angel investment network and Singapore.

BoxMySpace according to user requirements to provide storage service, help them to sort out family and office space. Users only need to be ready to want to store stuff, and then make an appointment a convenient pick-up time for staff to take sundry. All packaging, handling, and storage are completed by BoxMySpace. Packaging to receive good items will take pictures number, into the index, add to the user’s online account. When you need to retrieve items, the staff will be immediately sent to the user’s home.

external guarantee company, a storage device safe and reliable, and equipped with video surveillance system and fire system, and good ventilation equipment. Only seven months in the establishment of startup currently only has business in mumbai, but announced today to get this money will make them have the ability to expand the business pune, bangalore and Delhi and other cities.

the company’s chief executive and co-founder of Pratyush Jahan in college is computer science, cloud storage is convenient to let him take the storage concept idea in real life. “We are very surprised with limited storage of India, like this has the development potential of service were blank,” said Jalan.

“shrinking living space and the space and dynamic work mode gradually caused the people have to accept a more flexible way of life, the importance of storage solution at the moment is self-evident. Once people found no longer storage trouble expensive, BoxMySpace will popular.” Farooq, A Oopmerbhoy explained.

the company provides the big-ticket items 4 x 4 inch and 6 * 6 feet the size specifications of the locker. BoxMySpace claimed they make full use of warehouse space to try to reduce the storage service. Lowest monthly storage fee of $1.5.

“, according to a report industry on-demand storage industry in the United States market gradually mature, so far the industry’s total income is about $24 billion, almost one out of every ten people in the United States have private storage unit. As India’s cities more and more urban, living space is narrow, on-demand store will provide convenience for more and more people.” Jalan said.

similar to BoxMySpace on-demand worldwide storage solution provider and MakeSpace and BoxBee in the United States, the two companies received $10 million and $7 million in financing. Hong Kong BoxPul also recently completed a $8 million funding round.


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