on July 31 (word/yan-mei wu)

I believe you for impressive business coffee, coffee from the prime minister’s attraction 3 w to create a dream garage coffee, passionate entrepreneurs figure is active in wind breeze cafe, do not know if most Chinese people think that wine is kill the soul mate of the battlefield, but I think the best place to venture Rock Roll should be in a more passionate bar. Hunting cloud network recently micro pie business bar want to help entrepreneurs “three cups of avenue, a bucket in nature.”

is in the beginning the author thinks that the product is just a like entrepreneurship coffee for everybody to seduce a place, in fact sent bar made a new attempt, helping entrepreneurs to complete the “social” effectively.

the entrepreneurial field PALS are purpose is very strong, but to say “hello”, each one in the business card, test line not only courage and skill, the efficiency is low.

the pie do is business entrepreneurship bar near field social platform, based on the bar table, each table set up exclusive qr code, the user by scanning the qr code to transmit their information to the bar on the table in the TV screen, no matter you are the entrepreneurs, the media, investors, can seduce, field personnel identity and position in the clear. A wine tasting, of course, if you just want to quietly do man or woman can be beautiful, as long as they don’t scan qr code or choose under the wall.

micro sent a CMO LuZeLiang told cloud network hunting for near-field social thought is mainly from the game of changing the world “parallel reality game, (hunting cloud network note: parallel reality game, is a platform for the real world, fusion of various virtual game elements, the player can personally involved in the role play of multimedia interactive games.) The pioneering hard, bar want to be able to help you improve social efficiency, reduce the embarrassment of blindly. Also wants to help you relax at the same time, the game is to make everyone happy relaxed.

micro bar to have a combination of media properties, are held in some entrepreneurial activities such as entrepreneurial talk every week, new product releases, and entrepreneurial activity. Micro pie will be retained for new resources and project the future continue to implement the concept of the game, for entrepreneurs to connect the entrepreneurial process. Entrepreneurial teams within the incubator or bars have a memorable moments or milestones will be retained, but what the future will be more in-depth cooperation, micro sent says it is in the plan.

when it comes to the future business model, the bar will have the internal service is not limited to entrepreneurs, the future will create more chain bar, but the theme will be in accordance with the specific industry demand for services. Founder & amp; CEO summer night, red wine import and export trade, himself secondary taster.

micro sent business of creating a space, bar micro belongs to send all the micro sent at the same time also provide fund incubator service, is now in the stage of trial operation, the official public appearance on August 1st. Summer night told hunting cloud network: micro pie incubator will focus on the direction of the enterprise service and O2O start-ups, micro send funds focused on help transform the traditional industry of the Internet.