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we born to babble to toddlers, curiosity is these stages we have in common, if we went to a library or draw comics pavilion, may eyes would light up, in the book the world is like a magician, to dance. want small made children’s libraries from children’s books recommend began to have a love of reading for children.

there is a book called “little head adventures, tells the story of a small head of the adventure of a series of vivid and interesting story, influenced generations of people’s childhood. Zhang was the founder of the small cloth children’s libraries, a former English teacher a few years, their children also has 8 years old, zhang told hunting cloud network: “for her daughter to order in a few years physical library as a member of the neighborhood, benefit is very big, but the entity library has regional limitation, distance of the family, it is difficult to adhere to the rules last book updates, so think of doing a mobile children’s libraries, phone orders, express delivery. The names of the children’s libraries is derived from the small cloth adventures, first of all, want to take the name of a Chinese characteristics, because the children’s libraries established foreigners little thing. Second, in when I was a child to read small bu head, also grew up reading big bu head.”

small made children’s libraries books recommended to take the form of membership, there are currently more than 70 full members in a small cloth. Members generally to small head first describe the characteristics of their children, including children love to do, recently seen what new things and learn what kind of new knowledge, etc., then small cloth according to the characteristics of the child recommended eight book suitable for parents. Small head started no favours the App development, choosing instead WeChat public as a means of mobile client order. After members express their children aspirations, small cloth customer service will contact parents recommended books immediately, and then choose express delivery, the city guarantee within 24 hours to appear in front of parents to children, a library cycle for half a month.

zhang told hunting cloud network: “if our member number increasing, the member feedback will grow slowly, further verify the recommended logic, is very helpful for the purpose of recommendation database established, can also use the Internet for online precision push.”

many parents only care about, no longer care more about reading, the child is not only writing proposition composition, imagination to play on the stage. small cloth have a five year girl, she wrote in the three grade a story of more than 20000 words in the small head of the public on micro letter, small cloth children’s libraries in book, it has attracted many of her classmates in the class focused on small made children’s libraries, the interesting story and small cloth has dogged, and member feedback and contributions are small rags are Shared, parents or children’s article after a small head of audit to more people, this is a circle of love reading.

do children’s books recommended by the platform like a forest, a small head is one of the tree. Painted now has a similar pattern of online library, in the form of joining, divides the area such as the flagship of the PC recommended books old John painted library, small fabric choice is moving the recommend choosing books, without regional restrictions, do not receive the deposit, big trees and tied the footing still needs more wind and rain baptism. zhang told hunting cloud network: “now what’s the most difficult is need to take a small cloth Internet dongfeng, ready to move the system, achieving this goal is to find a like-minded people.”

small made the core team of three other people for education also has attainments, zhang said: “we are all good friends, and have both of them have their own children, and agree with the idea of small head.” Small made children’s libraries also has launched an angel round financing plan.

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