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footsteps gradually slow, measured step by step on the road, looking for the women do the application of skin butler, hidden in a building, it is through the small door see a hall, in front of the bar like through all the years vicissitudes of life, a few wooden chairs quietly lying on the ground, and next to the shelves, seemed to be at odds, it is not beautiful, indeed inscribed the mottled years mark. skin housekeeper, co-founder of Zhao Weinan said butler here the story there are a lot of skin, we a few “big masters”, though it is but we want to face to understand through skin housekeeper, solve the skin problems.

2 people from the beginning “farmland” in the female skin solution, to the present development to seek common development for more than 30 individual team, skin housekeeper has experienced the baptism of the spring and autumn also calculate several market in beautiful skin. Zhao Weinan is housekeeper, co-founder of skin, a Taiwanese, follow before makeup shop, the boss of the mainland to fight, to subsoil in female cosmetics industry for several years, after the founder did baby box BeaBox, friends good muscle, founder of the serial entrepreneur is now a housekeeper CEO Huang Junming eye skin. Zhao Weinan told hunting cloud network: “we are very willing to do, also all like, in such an environment faster progress.”

you may be used to test the software or hardware of skin, they may give you a joke, a 30, 38, 45, and test again the ups and downs can’t help letting person in distress situation. Skin butler is App development and intelligent hardware development, from hardware chip careful write in an ornate style, combined with community of App and data analysis, pulled on a precision stage. the skin housekeeper App downloads and hardware purchases improved, in the field of skin solution. Zhao Weinan told hunting cloud network: “we started from the second half of the 13 years exploration, from PC to mobile terminal, from software to hardware, from the community to the product, until skin housekeeper version 1.0 last year. Before there is an interesting phenomenon, we here have a lot of teams, the Internet industry change let us see who they are, haven’t we isolated a left the house.”

in skin housekeeper App in the community, you can see the skin stewards of selected activities and dynamic, “night” at 9 o ‘clock stirs the thought waves, can share the experience of glimpse of talent. Access to skin the housekeeper hardware peripherals, very small, click test can learn your own skin. Divided into skin test, and the mask skin test is divided into “T” “U” area “E” area “hand” four, mask test is photo upload photos skin directly, a few seconds, skin conditions and skin care advice within easy reach. Butler also includes some brands of skin, Zhao Weinan says these brand for users to think, do use effect, and has a unique style and specific user groups. These brands may not expensive, but it must be the most suitable for the users.

you might see in skin butler community is a variety of skin care topic and the suggestion, but behind it is more than 200 people in the community, most of these talent mentor from skin care industry, such as beauty salon consultant and founder in the cosmetics industry accumulated some beautiful skin’s got talent, is the skin, a think-tank linked to the housekeeper. While skin housekeeper hardware pursuit of test precision, Zhao Weinan tell hunting cloud network: “we are using the Taiwan chip, accuracy can reach +/- 2%, the current user feedback also is very good.”

from a skin test to beautiful skin is not skin housekeeper dominance of the industry, such as guangdong face of choice is the intelligence of skin test hardware and App, in terms of hardware, 5 seconds time users can understand their skin condition; In the aspect of software, introduced a beautiful skin community, users can share their experiences in skin care in the community. Skin housekeeper App and hardware also coming iteration, when launched skin housekeeper SkinRun hope soon will become beautiful, the girls Zhao Weinan tell hunting cloud network: “we prefer to use data to talk, deep tillage products constantly, make users, although the process of trial and error, some hard, but we are optimized.”

hardware, from hardware to lipstick shape oblate Zhao Weinan said on the one hand, hope to establish industry standards by big data, and expand the international market, on the other hand, based on the optimization of product to different parts of the face to understand, also the girls beautiful, this is the skin butler’s vision. At present there are 6 people, the core team are five men, said CEO Huang Junming now most women are man development, application may men more than women to understand women. Angel round skin butler has been put out an olive branch, A round has started.