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site link is a focus for start-up companies to provide cost-effective office space platform, products in October 2014 was not online before they get Wang Xiao fund joint investment of 3 million RMB and avenue angel investment. next, site transfer plans to launch A round of funding to help the expansion of the project.

prior to this, the ground sinks O2O platform is a focus for meeting, after three months of operation, the founder of zhi-xiang zhong considering meeting lease need strong technical support, the uncertainty of the order and offline services such as a series of questions, makes the site in February transformation as a short start-up companies to provide office rental platform.

Collect supply

field, including office space and two shops. And different site link and estate agents cooperation . Zhi-xiang zhong told hunt, founder of the cloud network: “housing rental housing is the most important for the field,” buy low/sell high “is the core of the market economy principle, but do not apply for fledgling site link. In the housing that, intermediary company is very professional, mediation, unlike disintermediated, mediation won’t be upset because of the development of the Internet, because these need intermediary help to get some professional advice and services.”

site link is a platform of office space for start-up. The scope of services in Beijing zhongguancun, wangjing, itc DaWang Road three locations. so far, the site can remit monthly rent 1000 station . Among them, the supply is mainly for the following three types:

1. Start-ups small company (below 20) (50%)

2. Business transformation stage, the demand of more than 100 square customer 30%

3. Incubator and business office, demand in more than 200 square (20%)

the entrepreneurial atmosphere is high, the demand for office space has become more and more urgent, site link for start-up companies to provide efficient office space rental service, from decorate Labour, broadband, business facilities, etc. in terms of profitability, collect rent to the lessor collection commission, to lease the customer more than one year, commissions for a month, is short rent charge a commission of 10%, and for the client site remit to provide free services, and will give some commission feedback to customer side. venue hui, homeowners and customer signed a tripartite agreement – information service.

site can remittance within a week to help startups find suitable office space, traditional offline black intermediary to make a lot of startups looking for go to the wall on the right site field exchange so that the combination of Internet and traditional, makes the housing lease more transparent, bring convenience to the user, which is up to the nature of the Internet.

the field expansion will remit to hangzhou and Shanghai. Zhi-xiang zhong told hunting cloud network, “according to their understanding of the industry and groped for a long period of time, space hui has his own team, every single cooperation completed by special personnel to follow up, although the offline work is heavy, but ensure the quality of service.”

site link in transition at the very most formal operation after three months, in order to meet the landlord, mediation mobile publishing houses and loan move rental demand, current App is under development. Founder and CEO zhi-xiang zhong, a former alibaba senior manager, and it is a serial entrepreneur. Main members of the team from alibaba, finance, soufun and chain, etc. The whole team is less than 20 people, the team continued to expand.

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