on Tuesday, the Match Group with $575 million in cash for the dating site Plenty of Fish. Match Group is an affiliated company of IAC/InterActive, and in the recently announced in public later this year.

this year is 36 years old Markus Frind is located in vancouver’s Plenty of Fish’s founder and chief executive.

Frind said in an interview in 2003, he created Plenty of Fish in order to improve themselves, to perfect his resume.

he added: “there was a new programming language called ASP.NET. Just I don’t like reading very much, I will use the two weeks to create the site. But let me surprise, there were a lot of people on this website is registered. Since then, the site is on fire. Create a dating site is not my original intention, but this is accidentally, but I didn’t think it would be so successful.”

before Frind to create Plenty of Fish, he is just a developer. Without any wind investment under the premise of this help, he successfully created the site. Frind has kept the ownership of the company, under 75 employees.

he said in an interview: “when I found that the vc, my site has access to millions of dollars in profit. This time I don’t think there is any funding needs, because I also don’t know how to use money. Plenty of Fish is a profitable company, the profit is enough of the company’s operations, I don’t have to raise money.”

Plenty of Fish and the Match between the fair is finished by the end of the year. Frind said has 90 million registered users and 3.6 million active users Plenty of Fish per day is anywhere in a profitable company.

in 2008, a Frind in the New York times said in an interview on its website net profit of about $10 million a year, but he only needed to work 10 hours a week. Now, workload increases a lot. He said in an interview: “it’s really amazing. Once the company began to increase new staff, you need to work time also increased accordingly. Our company currently has 75 employees. In the past few months, I have been to maintain the normal working hours.”

the Match of the Group said in a statement, chief executive of Sam or his focus on Plenty of Fish, the web site for more than a decade. He said: “more and more people begin to use the dating application, also more and more high frequency, and Plenty of Fish’s joining will bring more users to our company’s products, at the same time, through the acquisition of restructuring can consolidate deepen and the relationship between the users.”

a reporter asked Frind, “end of the deal it for you is what feeling, especially with millions of dollars left Plenty of Fish?” Frind, replied: “it makes me feel more fresh and even a bit unbelievable.”


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