cloud network hunting note: Singapore’s startup Paktor application launch date of the same name, popular in southeast Asia. Today, Paktor announced $7.3 million B round again; Will expand its services and service market, encourage users to develop more types of social relations between, no longer be a simple date of application.

Singapore start-ups Paktor in 2013 launched its own application date, with the same Paktor today announced he won the 10 million Singapore dollars ($7.35 million) in B round of funding. Vertex Venture Holdings investment (peak) is involved in this round of investment; In addition, the Singapore investment company Majuven risk investment company and Indonesia as Convergence Ventures also joined the with the investment.

Vertex is A Singapore investment company temasek holdings subsidiary, it last November Paktor invested $3 million in A round of funding. So far, Paktor received $12 million in total investment. During its A round of funding, then Paktor claimed already has 1.5 million registered users. Now, it has been the expansion of the market to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan. Relevant personage shows that the total number of registered users, has now reached 5 million, through the application to have 12 million pairs per month. Authorities did not publish the application of active users of data information.

now, Paktor not just the type of date application

Paktor was founded in 2013, is in its co-founder and chief executive officer Joseph Phua after a failed romance. Since its establishment, the app is used to make people meet each other exchange, and to determine the relationship. In hokkien, Paktor meaning is the meaning of “dating”, which is what we call love.

but the start-up goal not only that, but just don’t want users to develop a relationship with Paktor. “Now, the development prospect of the company is more and more widely, we also learned a lot of new things; We also realize that people in different stages of life to know different people “Phua told Tech in Asia, an interview,” it will be completely in the work, when they go out drinking with friends, on a friend’s party know many others. So, we are thinking of expanding scope of services in, allows the user to meet different people in every aspect of life. This is what we want to do through this platform to satisfy users in these aspects of the required services.”

although it may seem, and the main functions of the Paktor deviating, but Phua said it was also at the completion of its founding Paktor goals: when the people together, but now we put the scope has been broadened. Some people might say Paktor just in others walk walk, but Phua said they are depicting his footprints.

the traditional social tools, such as Facebook and sets, has his own work area; But they don’t support the function of and meet new friends to build a relationship, touch each other, of course, not just relationship. Phua said in an interview.

powerful investors Paktor

Phua said in an interview, Majuven and Convergence Ventures is a very good choice for Paktor; As investors themselves said, they believe that we are trying to do, they are also willing to help us achieve a goal.

Majuven managing partner of Ho Kee Lim also non-executive chairman of the postal service provider SingPost (no formal position top). His experience of traditional business and his understanding of the new paradigm for SingPost taken proactive measures, while his these qualities are very helpful to guide Paktor development, Phua said in an interview. Covergence, on the other hand, can offer Paktor insight and expertise, and Indonesia is Paktor a and important market.

the start-up will see the money in three main areas, one is “predatory” recruitment. Paktor shut itself down in A round deal only 15 employees, and now it has 50 employees.

“in the past month and a half, we have been concerned about is the personnel recruitment, we are thinking of engineering talents caused the development of business” Phua said in an interview, “the next one month we are doing is important, because we need a strong executive team.”

to Paktor to expand the existing market is also part of the company’s plans. According to Phua, Paktor in each country, it has a market country) the best of the three has its own active market in the city. Paktor expansion plan was to small place, a small city in these countries to establish their powerful user base, especially countries like Indonesia, Paktor is expected in the next 6 to 12 months time to open the huge potential market in Indonesia.

more it is worth mentioning that Paktor hope to be able to open the north Asian markets; Before because of its limited resources, Paktor never considered will be doing some things in this market. Phua said in the interview, “if it’s a hope now, we don’t rule out into the market. We’re going to be, but I’m not saying that we have the flexibility to consider this matter.”

in the end, the company still will continue to develop its own products, will add group chat function, virtual gifts to their own features list, will also improve the age, occupation and the filtering function of height. Phua said in the interview, also, they want Paktor application to let users in different phase of my life to the different harvest friendship, hope that they can not regularly check Paktor create social value, rather than simply as a can help you find the next date.

Paktor, of course, is not only a company involved in dating and social fields. Western start-ups Tinder and also known by everyone. Also have in Asia, such as Nooswoon and Peekawoo, and emerging Like Sup. But Phua said in the interview, the real Paktor competitors not other similar service providers, but the user. Paktor care more about why their target users don’t use their launch services, rather than just why don’t care about the user does not use their service as simple as that.

think Phua Paktor was able to stand out, because of its program executive ability as well as to the local market is very understanding. “I think many teams around the world can do better than our” Phua said in an interview, “but that’s because we know about the local market, to make any other want to compete with our competitors.”


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