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note: Uber was born for on-demand service mobile fire all over world, this article introduces a start-up company from Singapore Page Advisor, detail they are different from the European and American markets southeast Asia market budding story.

last year, I wrote in an article in the Uber’s rise will be the biggest business story of 2014, under the guidance of Uber, we will see a lot in Asia is similar to the Uber startup mode to. Now it seems that I was that close.

Sendhelper, ServisHero, Beezee, Fipin and Page Advisor, these companies have in common? They are all through mobile applications to provide on-demand services start-up, and to set up this year.

here is to introduce a start-up company from Singapore Page Advisor. Open the application, you will see many color magnet said classification, each magnet represents a different service, you can use the application for booking. So far, I found a total of 33 kinds of services, from air conditioning service includes car beauty, even send wine service.

Page Advisor to be a in view of the application service provider, connect the consumer through smart phones to small and medium-sized businesses, the user first choice and customization services they want, and then wait for businessmen bid, businessman after bidding, the user to select the businesses they want and pay through PayPal in the application.

this is an unconventional way to PayPal, because Thiel says startups should always try to monopolize a vertical market, and to expand outward. The Page Advisor seems to come up to try to solve a different market. Even powerful Uber, initially and attention on a specific question first: premium, plute people provide limousine service for San Francisco.

Peter Thiel told the Lens in silicon valley, those laws applicable to silicon valley sometimes does not apply to the Asian market. Page Advisor’s founder and chief executive of Fabian Lim told me that such a large homogeneity in the United States market, focused on some key issues is very suitable for the development of the company, but it doesn’t work in Singapore and southeast Asia.

Lim’s goal is to create a user favorite applications, one can make the user comfortable sitting at home just little application of the screen. Such as on-demand laundry application and is very suitable for current users.

the guiding principle of the Lim is as far as possible the increase of the company’s customer lifetime value, the fragmentation in Asia need marketing costs for companies in the market is very necessary. Because the company has taken transaction fees revenue model, he hopes to provide self-service, users can more consumption in application, it can increase their profits. Now that cost more than in the pure air conditioning service application and service applications, as well as a cost on why not adopts the latter mode?

and in the light of the southeast Asian venture capital environment is not as hot as in America, this method can extend the life of the company.


although sounds good, but the execution is really difficult. Many start-ups are grappling with a problem: limited resources. The Page Advisor able to find enough merchants to meet user decent option?

Lim is very confident. Lim is not one who has a traditional color of entrepreneurs, his rich experience to let him have confidence in their applications. In Singapore and Malaysia, there are about 200 marketing consultant would like to have no base salary to help him sell Page service Advisor. Because they can get from the future service transaction fee of interest, so the team have been very enthusiastic to introduce tenants Page Advisor.

he is how to find these people? Originally, Lim has been open about network marketing and wealth education curriculum, the 200 marketing consultant are all his students, Lim in these courses teach the students knowledge of the search engine optimization and Internet marketing skills. These people using the learned knowledge to service marketing to small and medium enterprises.

one of the few millionaire

in the previous interview, Lim said he is a millionaire. He has a private plane, buy the cost of the aircraft are from his analysis of the network marketing and network consultant’s salary. Some of his clients include nanyang technological university, estee lauder and Fujitsu.

he claimed that he had rely on wedding photography earning six figures. He has even launched a selling stock trading system and a risk for competition and awards website.

but he also had a failure: he had been on the Internet selling silicone bra, but with larger rivals play price war misses, pile up tons of inventory in the home, in the end he had to to transfer the stock at a loss.

Lim has a highly entrepreneurial spirit of entrepreneurial teams. Chief technology officer Boon Peng Ho ever founded several digital marketing agency, also created after Indonesia Orori online jewelry store and online medical sites Tab. A Doctor.

chief marketing officer Jian Yong Tan founded by swimming school became a millionaire, a total of 300 swimming in the swimming school faculty, has trained more than 20000 students. He also runs a golf academy and yoga school.

chief financial officer Jamie Lee is Lunch later a member of the husband and wife in the entrepreneurial teams, Lunch later is a matrimonial agencies in southeast Asia. Page Advisor and a financial lawyer Daniel Tan of the board of directors, as the company’s chief operating officer and legal experts. Page Advisor also brought an experienced entrepreneurs and politicians Inderjit Singh, as a consultant of the company.

these people operating their own companies may affect the company, but Lim said that he had found to take over the company before, this can let him spend more time in the Page on the Advisor. In addition, and these have traditional and stability of the enterprise of a team, means that don’t have to worry about the need to pay their wages.

in fact, they have 1 million Singapore dollars ($740000) in combat, as an emergency reserve. The money can also let them after a few months before he became a risk investment enterprises, to develop a solid business.

The reasons of winning the

this idea as early as two years ago as a project is almost over. The original idea was to develop a clues to vendor site, but Lim found the idea altogether impossible in southeast Asia.

in the United States, the insurance industry, insurance agent or broker from the website for clues of phenomenon is very common, and this is the way they build business. But here, the local enterprises is not mature to willing to buy leads. It can only be attributed to a, in fact, is that they are very busy, no system, also don’t know how to follow up the business. So their mentality were mostly “why do I have to be paid for clues, I only pay sales.” That’s why we decided to shift its focus from clues into the cause of the mobile commerce.

for Lim, this is a very complicated things, because it means that he had to reposition Page Advisor, to locate it to have the market, auction system interact with the merchants of complete e-commerce products. He will be the original website and mobile services to mobile services completely. Lim believes that belongs to your site’s days are numbered.

in the field of service market, Page Advisor a few larger competitors: Kaodim from Malaysia and Servis Hero. But Lim said the two were just half a shelf, no climate.

in other words, they just bring clues into the business, while Advisor Page allow you to give users more convenient to complete the transaction. Lim, believe it will help to consolidate the loyal customers, maintaining the company’s position.

An early stage

last month, the company has officially published applications, but it only means that just started to promote consumer. At present the company is committed to creating business platform, the marketing team of 200 people have been in Singapore and Malaysia and 3000 businessmen signed a contract.

a few weeks, Page Advisor had received 1149 job applications, 3187 merchants bidding and 167 actual clinch a deal the deal. For Lim, and the proportion of the volume and work for consumers to accept the increase of the number of bids is of vital importance, perhaps under the business model and more surprises.

of course, the service has a defect is inevitable, timely improvements to welcome. In my experience, I found that the application of reservation way too complicated. Second, although the application of the whole operation is good, but after I have finished the service, I received a call from customer service, to inform me after accepting bids to fill out the verification code into the application in a timely manner.

for a target user applications, similar to the Uber is the nature of the intervention means a needless and unpopular. Now, of course, for it is too early to judge the service, I believe, with the passage of time, it will create a more fluent user experience.

however, the company already has its regional planning. It plans next month will service to Malaysia, and before the end of the year in Indonesia market.

hope Lim network marketing team with the prospect of the database to predict success in these countries.

the last reference Lim, a passage to the end: “without the 200 strong customer management team, all this is not possible. Think at the beginning, when I have ideas, in order to stimulate the 200 on the premise of no base salary with me for two years, I have to construct a grand prospects to attract them. I told them, I believe that if we correctly stereotyped idea, then we will have the opportunity to become the preeminent start-ups. When we reach the goal, I will set an option pool, a power company share with everyone.”


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