show in front of me is the old villa, a few not too leafy vegetables, the ridge in the corner of a swing set and neighbor a disorderly into big woof. Founder took me to visit here is to show the breath of life? I take this question and talked, founder of the two products.

college students just jump out from high school to study hard, in social life less poor them, know more people to become a kind of very strong demand. They may want to learn more experience from the social person, but the reverse is not established. Students still have to find students playing, and college freshmen in the case of not enough rich social experience, vigilance is high, so the product’s trust is higher in the first place. this App was born.

product named Simplr, is a stranger in mobile social applications for college students. all users must go through strict authentication in schools, including Edu email authentication, campus card certification and late to open real image authentication. to meet the needs of freshmen to meet new friends on campus, the main area of Shanghai.

it has several features: main page recommends some users, the reality of their avatars, nickname and schools. Users also can themselves by gender, grade schools, colleges, filtered, record of formal schooling, and of course only authenticated users can view the information of others. Home page area mainly shows the basic user information, photo albums and question and answer three plate roll call. Named questions can be answered by users themselves, can also be questions by other users, users answer questions after displayed on your home page, as a three-dimensional character information display. Without friends, point in can chat directly, also a bit of chat interface link to answer. Focus on the list of contacts, I focus and attention to my show. Information flow is equal to the circle of friends, users can upload their own photos, funny jokes.

in Simplr, reproduced link is banned, while forward and share in very short time to bring a lot of traffic, but is to see it is no good for a long time, it is easy to refresh the information. Simplr of point bar for simple style, is two arrows up and down, on the negative, can offset each other and show only the number (late shows point).

when asked about the name of the product and the significance, willem tell hunting, founder of the cloud: “ may be you will be asked about meaning, it is just look good. If back in 2000, we see penguins, who would have thought that it is used to chat? Meaning there is no way to chase, are has be given later. “Simplr this name is simple, just want to be a function is simple and efficient, have certain original social tools. It looks simple, read the snappy, also use r ending more anthropomorphic, so hammered out. Product logo is a little devil, there is a certain identity, badly, cool, belongs to the image of the young people.

for the product of the biggest highlights of the this problem, willem and his partners Chen Zhihong tell hunting cloud: “ we don’t think the highlight of social product main function is the relationship between two compaction compaction. Functionality is similar, the core of the social software is circle.” Compared with 11 points and 11 o ‘clock tataUFO matching throughout the two competing goods, Simplr circle is real-name authentication and to consolidate the bright spot of the concept. The team had done before a product called “several”, sexy and after a period of time, losing steam. This lesson to let them understand more, the relationship between precipitation and content for the vitality of a social product of high importance. “Play too novel, after contrast get tired sooner or later.”

in the field of entrepreneurship is known to all, social threshold is low, so a lot of entrepreneurs will be to look at it. But now the market is smaller, the more points the cut the thin, simplr roll out to other cities in the late and the promotion, the details of the product optimization (including the discovery of recommendation algorithm, user interaction problem link and personalization, specific, and how to improve the flow of information activity), etc., still need to add a fire, the pressure from competing goods still have to resolve in the competition. In spite of this, the team won the pine and fund in July this year nearly ten million yuan of the Pre – A round of funding.

the whole interview process, the two founders at most a word is on your lips, regardless of the team or the user is composed of. Back to the beginning, the two founders took me to visit their villa may be their intention. with many start-up team, team members with the love of the product life together, together, each other grow in to veto the other person’s point of view, this is the entrepreneurs to true wealth.