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even a mild patients with mobile phone addiction, will perceive in recent years, there will be some dark horse level App suddenly explodes the red circle. Recently, I see in them many entertainment stars have recommended a story to share photos of the App screen Danmo – eggs. The flagship share photo story App the user has made millions, iOS, Android downloads successively won Hong Kong edition of free list ranked third, Vietnam area first.

Nigo founder Danmo tent of “egg” is a serial entrepreneur, after a startup is to design and photography interest, interest sharing h&z, accumulated a lot of experience on social applications. Nigo said: “the user like to secondary creation of your photos, pictures of application is given priority to with airbrushing more now, for the user, the application of complex operation can be secondary creation. So we did the egg act Danmo, allows users to create and share the story behind the pictures.”

open the App, the layout simple easy to operate, in addition to the function of the shooting, the user can select photos from local album subtitles optional collocation. Egg curtain Danmo provides three modes for the user to choose from:

diary mode: the user can record mood in photographs, do one day in the life, the mood record.

magazine mode: USES the straight line of mashup form, allows users to show fashion magazine style.

large pattern: provide a widescreen bilingual subtitles, users can choose any language translation of the country. The

in addition, the user can also be multiple eggs screen photos made into a short story, the reality of cartoon, scenery, documentary all sorts of stories, such as combining filter effects, such as let photos style variety. Nigo, ‘said the girl will download a lot of modification, each figure software function is different, often a photo need “good luck” several repair software. And egg curtain Danmo wanted to do was reduced, the product without increasing the burden on the operation, to the user the user on the egg curtain Danmo can complete picture, drawing, puzzle, share, and so on.

is also added to the picture captions App, had to act and Danmo footprint compared with the eggs. Red after blasting, single function, the user newness fades to causes such as loss of trail users. Of the differences between the two is mainly manifested in two points: the foot to remember is to picture optimization, egg curtain Danmo is focused on the picture is made, the user through the puzzle and subtitles, and other functions, can the complete story, the footprint is not function. In product direction, footprint, constantly optimize the subtitles presupposition, and the egg curtain Danmo are deliberately avoid this respect, give full play to the user to create interest, and to provide users with three modes and puzzle function, network for the user to choose material, content more rich.

tell hunting cloud network Nigo, egg at present stage curtain Danmo patterns tend to be: tools & gt; Interest in community & gt; Social networking. This is because after verification, found that the function of the tool to attract users to come in, only through interest and user relationship to retain users.

“the new has joined the free choice of font, at the same time trying to develop personality of the template function, user can choose according to oneself be fond of fonts, templates, material, it will also attempt to provide the high quality of senior pay value-added services to users.” Nigo said.

at present, the barrage Danmo team has been by the initial 6 to 11 people, including product technology development, website editor, and illustrator, graphic team, design original material for users to choose from.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, egg curtain Danmo team has won the 3 million angel round at the end of last year, a new round of financing is being planned.