(text/Zhang Yankang)

the Russian director andrei tower can be said, let a person in the endless environment changes, let him with countless or far or near the fault and characters, to his relationship with the whole world, this is the meaning of the film. Good movies make people think, bad movies is fun. The problem is, what movie is worth watching a good movie? Refers to the shadow is in order to solve this problem.

means the shadow is refers to the shadow of shenzhen technology co., LTD., its products, focus on vertical new media in the field of film. Its founder zhao tell cloud network hunting knife, refers to the shadow is committed to discover and explore good film, for the fans of “good bole, rotten piece of killer.” Refers to the shadow film interesting reading, authoritative list, project planning, celebrity refers to shadow such as cuts, combined with the audience demand, polymerization and professional film scores, building film gene pool, with intelligent calculation method for the audience to provide authoritative, professional, comprehensive, efficient and systematic view shade guide. refers to the shadow to solve what is good, how to choose a good movie, what movie is worth to see problems, from actors, directors, production, marketing and other aspects to interpret film.

as an Internet company, refers to the operation mode of the shadow also could not escape the circle of the Internet. It as a guide viewing platform, has its own users and traffic, advertising revenue is the basic way of profit. Refers to the shadow has built up his own customers and customer base, they are being charged is also not impossible. On the one hand, cash flow, ticket into, film distribution marketing can be as a way of charging to the customer. Charge to the user, on the other hand, in addition to the movie derivatives, O2O private cinema is also a direction. however, commercial operation will impact refers to the shadow quality, therefore, in product quality and commercial, refers to the film must be a balance.

there are many ways to film the audience get the recommended, such as douban and optical network is one way. Film in douban, however, is one of the channels, recommended film from users reputation, ratings and heat to provide ratings or reviews, enable the user to judge movie actively. Optical network is the website of the movie theme, recommended film is dozen information, through the box office, heat, allows users to judge the film from the vast reading information. The rise of the Internet ghostwriters, “mobile time is fragmented, douban and optical network depends on the user production content, lack of vocational guidance, score and quality reviews recent decline. Refers to shadow high visibility without first two, but the film by using professional knowledge mining, the steadfast to provide users with interesting, high quality and valuable film.

refers to the creative team behind the shadow from the thunderbolt, these people in the thunderbolt, work long, ten years short also have 3 years, was in charge of operations, product, design, marketing, and work together to build a thunderbolt. founder zhao a knife is a thunderbolt the first person to look at operation and planning, participate in the thunderbolt look at the creation, development and expansion. Have deep inside them a movie ideal, in the national policy to support the film industry today, they chose to do this movie career.

now, tencent, netease news, today’s news headlines, youku, potatoes, thunderbolt look at such a media is in shadow. By means YingWang station, various media platforms to subscribe to a shadow of the accumulation of more than 150000 users, at the end of August and is expected to exceed 250000. At the same time, newspapers, books, films and cinema, the content of the authority in August will be a comprehensive online.

finance, refers to the financing of shadow team hopes to get around 5 million, will be used for market development and team building.