Medallia is a company for large companies to provide customer feedback data, popular with vc, the valuation of more than 1 billion, recently raised $150 million.

in this round of financing, the company at $1.25 billion, led by sequoia capital. It is worth mentioning that the company first three rounds of financing lead shots are all sequoia capital. This for redwood, a rare.

co-founder and chairman of the Medallia Borge Hald refused to disclose information of other investors, but according to the humane Doug Leone sequoia partner (Doug Leone), sequoia capital is Medallia “most” major investors, is also the only investors on the board of directors of the company.

“I think Medallia has the opportunity to become a legend in the American business company, it is of great significance to do,” said Leon (Leone) inside. Medallia is the Wall Street journal’s list of the more than 100 one of the billion dollar club startups.

Medallia in 2001 by Borge Hald and Amy Pressman, two people was on a business trip on business in the Boston consulting group, found that they prefer for small companies and hotel service.

the idea was brought the passion of small companies to large enterprises, and this, is not a bad service.

“good company on the fan, excellent company will respond in a one-on-one level, this is achievable goals.” Hald said.

Medallia has promoted from different enterprise IT system and social media, grab, technical ability to analyze data, and then an intuitive display on computers and mobile devices, for employees to collect and soon see user feedback, and know whether the customer is going to loss, enterprise whether completed the established goal of customer service.

Medallia services mainly for six industries, including retail, telecom, automobile, financial service, hotel and B2B provider. Verizon, Sephora, SAP, Honeywell, Wells Fargo, SONY, Four Seasons, Sodexo are its customers, etc.

in the world today, the importance of data is self-evident, timely grasp the consumer feedback and make corresponding adjustment, will bring huge competitive advantage. Medallia is currently the best consumer feedback management system, with extraordinary vision and execution of high-quality team, founded the Medallia after 10 years, funding for the first time, team work ability. It may also be sequoia capital as a potential shares, the cause of the led four times in a row.

Medallia total amount is $255 million round of financing.

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