are you going to do at home free time, is to look at a book collection for a long time, or do a coveted cuisine? Or play games to waist sour backache, playing mobile phones to play finger cramp? In fact, the public fitness upsurge in roll, also cannot ignore the influence of the Internet, and in this spell level of social appearance, fitness is has ma3 jia3 line tool, so might as well change a mood, starting from scratch, learn fitness.

at this point, there is an appropriate App is best, the fitness of App on the market is very rich also, like mint, perpendicular to the light of the healthy weight loss tool, allow the user to develop good eating habits. Foreign Fitstar, it becomes a personal trainer, with video teaching as an aid to fitness, formulate personalized tutorial for the user. And we’ve previously reported to provide users with a full range of thin body plan. Must practice more, by contrast, tend to solve small white (primary) users, let them on fitness platform, through the video learning and communication, solve the problems of its own, gradually became a senior user, to play in the home fitness.

must be practiced founder & amp; CEO neal told hunting cloud network, the product promotion period, emergency operation “5 day” brought the Gospel to code the agriculture, patients with seere for the Internet, have no time to go to the gym, at home and take a little time to insist on fitness, body of all kinds of incurable diseases such as pain disappeared gradually, so the code farmers became a typical target audience. And initially, because neal yards around the agriculture colleagues gave him the idea of this product.

it must practice can bring to users?

neal said: “the user opens the practice an App, you can see on xuan animation is passion exercise fitness coach, they didn’t particularly strong muscles, cordial and ground, because really small white users to exercise the guidance of the coach will be welcome, we choose the user want to exchange the coach”. As he put it, after the registration, you can see a lot of video project, must practice invited domestic top coaches, each video is through careful and scientific layout, implementation is simple and effective teaching purpose.

neal told hunting cloud network, small white simple direct user’s demand, to the male users solve because their sedentary office and the neck lumbar abdomen muscle damage problem is the first, users, and for women to lose weight first, shaping the second. To solve these problems, must practice for some projects, such as “21 days from the small white the little black”, in line with the small white users of exercise intensity, and emergency operation “5 day”, “lovely girl yoga”, etc., geared to the needs of different people, to achieve the desired effect.

watch video fitness, not only to practice also provides the opportunity to communicate with the coach, and on the App, users can see the coach can become friends, through WeChat contact, to their teaching online payment service. While many coaches have many fans in before, in the special training camp, they through some training, to achieve the effect you want. Fans to share power is huge, so as to form a healthy fitness ecosystem, improve the user viscosity and insist on degrees.

neal told hunting cloud network, must practice will open online purchase fitness supplies services, such as equipment, clothes, equipment, etc., will also join the nutrient food video courses. Late will also develop health intelligent hardware.

it is known that neal has engaged in a sports journalist for five years, 4 years media director of listed companies, multinational company director of intelligent hardware and half of the work, and now the team has a total of 10 people. Practice not to start in August, the Pre – A round of funding, is used to expand team, user expand, etc.