“into the village to buy” is a traceable agricultural products straight to the platform, the platform is looking for high quality agricultural resources, mechanism for the producer issued photo tasks, the entire record of agricultural products production, processing and synchronous display on the platform, deal with the terminal consumer can eventually form. The product has been in the public letter to complete the test, the App will meet with the public in August.

based on the product, to regain business ideas

into the village to buy founder and CEO rong-li liu told cloud network, hunting in 09 years he have do produce electricity business idea, at the time and the mainland hope group President Chen talked about this matter, started with agriculture, Chen did not give him too much; 2014, rong-li liu wei to design the identity of the head again, when they met with Chen Chen is eager to ask his farm produce electricity have done, is the question touches rong-li liu, he knew: the great age of the farm produce electricity.

rong-li liu do into the village to buy this project is mainly based on two aspects: on the one hand, to help farmers increase their income in remote areas, broadening the channels for farmers’ sales; On the other hand can bring high quality agricultural products in remote areas, let more people to eat natural foods. Rong-li liu told cloud network, hunting him earlier abroad come into contact with the CSA (community supported agriculture), domestic food safety incidents in at that time, he will try to put the idea into domestic and implement, but the reality is that the Chinese community is relatively loose, it is difficult to organize some people to make CSA in this matter. Therefore, rong-li liu want to mobilize people through the power of network platform for high quality agricultural products.

take pig operation, smelling the market orientation of

into the village to buy team embarked on project from June, before making a village and buy rong-li liu and his team first made a farm at the beginning of 15 pilot project – “pig”, because in the early market research, he found all the problems in agricultural products, people are concerned about most is the largest meat, the meat is the most is not reassuring in pork. In agricultural products for the straight chain, pig is the most complex, the longest cycle, one of the most difficult, and rong-li liu is also saw this, before deciding to do test, from the perspective of the pigs, through the experimental research on how to end and supply end up product consumption.

to raise pigs do a successful experiment as the breakthrough point, seemingly is ready, but less consider the user ingredients on the analysis of the consumption (dongfeng. Look to the whole market, ali, jingdong these big players have the Internet would be “clutches” stretched out in the field of agricultural products, other large and small electric business platform naturally don’t have to say more, in today’s lazy developed economy, the electricity should take opportunities, but more consumers will choose to go to the supermarket, the vegetable market to buy agricultural products. Investigate its fundamental, consumers consider is nothing more than three points: fresh, cheap and safe.

for the three questions above, into the village to buy took a divide-and-conquer strategy. In order to guarantee the freshness of the product, sent straight into the village to buy actively build product system, to make fresh from the “field” to “bowl”, not into the cold storage, without going through the middle, complete the farmers to customer directly. About product price, rong-li liu said, cheap trick was bought into the village, and even the platform named to buy into the village, farmers sell price plus logistics cost is the price of consumers need to pay, there is no purchase dealer, no wholesalers, dealers, let the consumer with a lower price to buy high quality products. For the consumers most concerned about security issues, buy source control method is taken into the village, from the beginning to find high quality base, to the crop planting, fertilization, harvesting, processing and distribution process, into the village to buy will be on the platform in the form of pictures clearly presented to the consumer.

a platform, two models

in the village to buy platform, farmers can set up shop after real-name certification, and through the App all the public product growth environment and growth history information; And use into the village to buy consumer can not only based on geographical position directly go to the orchard or garden picking, still can enjoy the welfare of the delivery.

rong-li liu said, into the village to buy adopts the model of two kinds of operations. One for C2C, buy into the village for farmers and consumers to build a platform, users can directly on the platform to buy pure natural agricultural products; Another is to use C2B2C model, for breeding in chifeng or remote, rural part of agricultural products “into the village to buy” self, self-built warehousing, establish cooperative relations with the third logistics.

into the village to buy now the sense that gives a person is just a simple “proprietary + platform”, but rong-li liu to hunt cloud network, according to the profit points into the village to buy in to the product portfolio and deep processing, will be the future sell is not only products, but also design and service, to provide users with confined meal, meals and other customized value-added services.

this platform is now more than 200 farmers, are all through the village to buy team personnel field trips. The farmers are mainly concentrated in and around Beijing chifeng in Inner Mongolia region, the next step will be to chengdu, hangzhou, Shanghai.

into the village to buy affiliated with Beijing rising sun hetian trading co., LTD., the company was established in June 14 years, the current team is less than 20 people, the founder of rong-li liu as a serial entrepreneur, who is well-known foreign architects; The project has not been financing, is expected to 10 million yuan of angel, it is mainly used for product development, market development, and improve service three aspects.