(text/Liu Sijing)

even if so love in the heart, “I love you” three words will also ashamed, so wise earth people can find a lot of items on behalf of love, flowers is one of them. Luoyang “love” is a focus on localization of flowers to sell electric business platform, launched in October 2013.
After receiving the order, the platform will be done according to user needs corresponding packaging design, regular orders can be shipped within 2 hours. In addition to selling flowers, luoyang love also provides flower card (hand-drawn cartoon flower card) custom services, designers will map shall be carried out in accordance with the users to send photos and design, make take card. In addition, the platform also valet to meet friends, birthday, marriage, attacks on site and sprout bear flowers and other value-added services. The frequency of the luoyang love to four times a week from yunnan flower base stock.
Liu Zhangyu founder of luoyang team existing three people love, is responsible for the product graphic design and copywriting planning, technical director Guo Ling fruit is responsible for the website backstage and front page design, flower art teacher as responsible for the flower design.
Liu Zhangyu thinks, luoyang love rivals from the store and electricity two types: the advantage of physical stores can make the user more intuitive to see the style of the flowers, for the first time to spend, but has a design style of the single, the problem of high price; And electricity class, fauvism, roseonly takes high-end course, conforms to the mass consumer China flower net, love is the flowers.

Liu Zhangyu said: “we do not deliberately to imitate the design of the excellent brand, because each brand is based on their environment and change, and the gap between all products are reflected in detail place, and the details and decided by the designer. For example, our designers have been trying to put the film elements and bouquets of rock elements into the design.”

At present, luoyang love and “shaughnessy Rhine wine”, “mo guest cake” flowers are cooperation. Next phase, the team prepared to luoyang distinctive independent brands together, intensify popularization, invite more independent brands to join. But on the screening of independent brands, the team will always “can collision sparks and flowers” in the first place. About the profit pattern, flower sale, value-added services and in independent brand into all can make a profit.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, luoyang love never get outside investment, currently operating in a stable condition and financing needs.