driving, gently calling, “hello” small e, small voice e robot immediately response: “master, I’m a little e, do you have any command?” As a result, “e partner” the voice operation breakthrough the limitations of previous car networking products machine system, through the phone App with bluetooth headset for navigation, communications, entertainment and interaction.

as a specially designed for driving on the road of the owner of the smart phone App, “e partner” with voice navigation directions, intercom communications, traffic broadcasts, telephone message management, comprehensive functions such as manual for help. Before this, its founder, zheng-rong wang in 2007 independent business, lead the team to develop in the Android network phone market top ten “little X” Internet telephony products. Since then he has to rethink their attention for a long time the Internet instant communication field.

“QQ, WeChat was already doing a good job, instant messaging market space is very small, and focus on the interaction between owners im a piece of no products.” Zheng-rong wang mentioned in 2013, Beijing news gives his touches, heavy rains flooded vehicle “in the unexpected events occur, the car inside the confined space, can realize the owner interaction is important.”

therefore, zheng-rong wang red line set up shenzhen technology co., LTD., began to develop intelligent voice products. In January 2014, “e partner” is launched. It is understood that the current “e partner” App downloads has amounted to more than 30, more than 15000 registered users, related services, using 1500 person-time.

hunting cloud network, according to “e partner” has been published more than 70 updated version, by combining the user experience improve intelligent speech technology, its practicability and security are improved. In April, zheng-rong wang officially won the “mobile intelligent device full voice interaction systems” patent certificate.

according to introducing, in the concrete use, owners need only a “hello” small e l to wake up the small e robot or press the bluetooth headset play button, “e partner” will enter voice interaction mode, the owner without distracting phone screen operation, only need to tell demand, small e voice instruction robot can accurately identify the owners, which not only comply with the provisions of the traffic laws, and can bring security to the owner.

in addition, a “partner” e near friends can perceive and interact with the “encounter on the way to the friend can send a cordial greeting, when meet an emergency, also can leave a message through this platform, the people around them to get help.” Zheng-rong wang said. It is worth mentioning that “e partner” has been with the domestic major entertainment content providers happy twist, automotive service exclusive reached cooperation, hope to provide more diversified content owners.

competing goods, apple Siri is at present the mature market of intelligent language products, can realize natural interactive dialogue with mobile phone, but it can only be built in the software in apple’s iOS system, and to identify relatively poor in Chinese. And other domestic voice technology products widely applied in car navigation system. Zheng-rong wang to hunt cloud network, said “e partner” of the whole speech operation technology and its owners of interactive functions will be its advantages, the free service will be more conducive to open markets.

zheng-rong wang admitted that “e partner” at the present stage and development funds is the biggest difficult problem. According to cloud network understanding, hunting after “e partner” has the raise funds more than one hundred, officially launched at the present stage must level Pre – A round of funding plan.