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recently, second-hand construction machinery trading platform real wheel used for B 100 million yuan investment, the investment of DCM brought by the well-known venture capital institutions, qiming continue to throw A round of investors. It is understood that the financing already all into account, is only the vertical field is also the biggest investment.

in the past 10 years, China’s construction machinery industry rapid development, but also brought the construction machinery’s quick saturation. Since 2013, the entire industry to enter the stock market, at the same time, circulation of second-hand equipment business requirements. In 2014, the second-hand engineering machinery market deals reached $300 billion, that figure will be sustained growth in the next few years.

in the United States, the frequency of second-hand construction machinery market for capital. Focus on second-hand engineering machinery trade’s brother auction house in 1998, has been listed on the NYSE (NYSE: the RBA), the market value of nearly $3 billion, 2014 platform turnover reached $4.2 billion; In addition, the latest P2P sharing platform in the field of engineering machine YardClub won the world’s largest construction machinery maker caterpillar strategic investment.

in China, most engineering machinery users are spread across the country are self-employed. In recent years, with the circulation of second-hand equipment demand increases gradually, however, China construction machinery industry information circulation, circulation of second-hand equipment matching mode is still in the traditional brokers. China construction machinery industry is the Internet space is huge.

real engineering machinery network was established in April 2009, the website in domestic construction machinery end users for viewing audience, has become influential in domestic construction machinery end user groups of interactive network media.

in April 2013, a real engineering machinery network’s “real used” officially launched. Real used trading platform to get through China’s second-hand construction machinery trading closed loop, for the Chinese construction machinery users create a “fair and transparent, efficient” trading platform. At present, the real used by free information matching the cumulative turnover has reached billions of dollars, in November 2014, the online auction platform platform closed-loop volume (trading after water platform) has reached 100 million yuan.

breastplates, founder and CEO fan said: “the real used will be advanced conception and methodology to phase in the automobile industry to the construction machinery industry, rest assured for industry of buyers and sellers, reliable user experience”.

the real core management team used mostly from construction machinery and the Internet industry, founder and CEO Mr Fan building in the world’s largest construction machinery maker caterpillar work, other core members from both ali, baidu, automobil, car well-known Internet platforms such as the home of the Internet, there are also from caterpillar, komatsu, lixing engineering machinery well-known enterprises such as line of traditional industry.

construction Mr Fan said the B round of funding will be mainly used for offline service network of the country’s construction and the company’s trading system research and development to upgrade.