what do good? Everyone has his own answer, the answer is likely to be involved in a volunteer activity, donated books and old clothes, once the fundraiser to donate a sum of money. The age of the Internet do good? As a commitment to integrate high quality public resources, with a zero threshold way to attract users attention and participate in public welfare platform, “public welfare” broke the traditional model of public welfare activities, blend in public daily life bit by bit.

m public founder prince is based on the domestic current situation of the public sector, found that there is currently no effective public welfare institutions operating mode and the disadvantages of routinization, he hopes to create a dedicated to helping the public products of the organization.

“public welfare should be popular, if you can move the public welfare and the modern information technology, there is no threshold, as everyone can participate in and want to participate in things, public welfare to achieve maximum effect.” Was sun yat-sen university school of management at the prince and MoZiHao hit it off, created the “public”, two people together to the process of social entrepreneurship.

hunting cloud network learned that the “public” in formally launched in November 2014, consists of an App and Web page interconnection, the App users reached 120000, the total corporate donations amounted to 4 million yuan. The “public”, so far has been completed in more than 10 provinces and regions of the country’s 142 public welfare projects.

related data show that 70% of the total amount of donations from enterprises in China, the “public” based on the introduction of good circulation. “Public welfare” as Taipei, using bottom-up Internet commonweal project, integrating the average user, love enterprise/donors and the public demand of public welfare organization tripartite, guide the ordinary users to participate in public welfare at the same time, meet the enterprises in the public interest and the dual needs of marketing, promotion to charitable organizations to create good products, stimulate public interest is cycle.

according to the prince, “public welfare” user store up by participating in rice, donated rice, supervision and feedback loop to complete a good behavior. Users can fulfill the task of healthy life in the module (through sports, quizzes, etc.) accumulated rice, and then donated to the public welfare projects, collected and the number of target rice project can obtain the enterprise real donated supplies.

the prince expressed the hope that the activities of the “public” can cultivate healthy life habits user at the same time, to some extent, let public more interesting. Therefore, participate in online, the user can also sign up to participate in public welfare activities, now rice group, dumpling, set up communication.

on the profit model of concrete, the prince tell hunting cloud network, “public welfare” main charge to accept service enterprises, in addition to the regular public welfare plan in a certain direction of the enterprise outside a service charge of a certain proportion, also the content of the flow rate and implantation for export to charge for advertising, and public welfare organization is free to users at the moment.

the prince said the Red Cross event of public welfare trust crisis brings certain difficulties, for the operation of public institutions is common for the public sector hiring, many problems involved in low, misunderstanding, “public welfare” at this stage unable to effectively avoid. “Public welfare” mainly spread by word of mouth and good impetus for promotion, public welfare activities in respect of public welfare effect supervision mainly relies on the fan power, improve the space is very large.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, “public” has completed hundreds of millions of financing, the current launch A round of funding.