there is a group of people, their car as the “home”, years of life on the road, in addition to facing the high risk, the pain is self-evident. They – van driver is running around, in China, the number of this group reached more than 3000.

in this context, niche market capacity remit team, as a truck driver to make a free navigation software – sand teacher younger brother van special navigation, and on the basis of navigation, add the function of social attributes and service information recommendation, dedicated to solving lorry drivers work cycle of eat, live, line, repair, and other related driving difficult. On June 13 this year, “the sand teacher younger brother” van special navigation Android version is launched, at present, the number of users has reached more than 30.

“truck drivers like” journey to the west “in the image of sand teacher younger brother, diligent, bears hardships and stands hard work, all the way so we gave the name of the product”, the chairman wulf tell hunting cloud network. In January of this year, wulf and several other shareholders jointly funded capacity of shenzhen hui network technology companies, aimed at large freight logistics market. Capacity remit CEO liu tao, has rich experience in brand marketing; COO Shao Zhicheng, position in LBS service domain has nearly 10 years of operation. And chairman wulf, a driver of chongqing science and technology, chairman of himself with many years of experience for this car GPS operation and networking, master rich vehicle information. At present, the company scale has reached more than 100 people.

trucker exclusive navigation

at present, the navigation App on the market a lot, but the basic is on the car, before the sand teacher younger brother, and not a truck specifically for navigation. Sand teacher younger brother van special navigation cooperate with Scott map, covering 100% of main road, the road coverage rate of 90%, and weekly data update. Considering the special properties, such as tonnage truck size, sand teacher younger brother van special navigation on the basis of common navigation, using professional truck map algorithm, can effectively help the driver avoid limit height, weight, limit line such as static risk, avoid detours and illegal. In addition, considering the driver driving process, may go into the wild or not label the map such as the new development zone, sand teacher younger brother at every point set up a unique code, the other figure code sent to the driver, you only need to destination navigation can guide the driver to the destination. “The use of this figure code position lock function, can realize the road without blind spots”, wulf tell hunting cloud network. In addition, the sand teacher younger brother also has a live-action navigation function, make more intuitive navigation.

driver driving little helper

truck driver go out in the outside, will inevitably encounter “where to go, where is the car tire, where to eat, where is the hotel” and other basic driving life problems. Therefore, sand teacher younger brother freight exclusive navigation in the “near” function, provides the lorry drivers such as gas stations, water stations, auto repair, parking lot, recommended service area and other related information, is committed to solve the truck driver to eat, live, line, repair, and other related vehicle trajectory of rigid demand, become a little helper driver driving on the road. In addition, also provides evaluation platform, recommended by the driver for the feedback.

social navigation

“in addition to navigation, in sand teacher younger brother truck drivers can also chat on special navigation”, wulf tell hunting cloud network.

sand teacher younger brother van special navigation “chat rooms” and “the first car, the manager of the” support text, voice and video chat. Driver after landing, friends may at any time to receive information and real-time traffic information sharing, timely communication accident appear in front of the road, traffic jam, moving speed, touch porcelain, vehicle accident situation such as temporary inspection, to predict early and avoid dynamic risk effectively, still can share the joys and sorrows of the journey, relieve the fatigue of driving.

freight cloud business platform

when it comes to the future planning, wulf to hunt cloud network, said: “after attract more owners to register, we will establish a first-hand freight big data, to join the sources of information, solve the problems of the logistics information asymmetry, the cargo industry e-commerce, do freight cloud platform.” And, according to wulf, the current capacity remit team has also developed launched in view of the logistics of the “capacity housekeeper” App, through both ends of concurrent, for accurate matching of source and drivers. Later, sand teacher younger brother van special navigation will be real-name authentication, make the owner and the truck driver can be traded through the platform.

due to transport is need some time, late as a third party trading platform, sand teacher younger brother’s payment platform can be through precipitation pool to make a profit. Wulf also tell hunting cloud network “through the large data analysis, we can also give the future good lorry drivers do financial credit.” Now, sand teacher younger brother van special navigation profit mainly comes from the truck machine life cycle to eat, live, line, repairing and maintaining the cash income and merchants advertising resources import income.

with the development of mobile Internet and e-commerce, many enterprises have also entered the freight logistics industry, but at present mainly concentrated on the “cargo and car” resources matching, such as cars, blue rhino, called express fast, full, mule trail logistics, etc. Visible, freight logistics market will become increasingly fierce competition in the future.

“China road, the urban construction change quickly, the sand teacher younger brother navigation update speed, we are not satisfied”, wulf tell hunting cloud network, “the next stage, we will let the truck driver is both the user and information gatherer, through the driver timely feedback of roads, to update our data.”

at present, the capacity to remit is looking for A round of financing, project financing, 30 million for product research and development, promotion, and team building.