samsung in South Korea announced on Thursday, ready to launch a trial version of mobile payment platform.

Samsung Pay is Samsung in to his old rival products Pay Apple and Android Pay challenge, at present the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the two smart phones can support.
The test shows that samsung is becoming a powerful competitor Apple Pay, although the company did not provide the official release date, but according to reports of the United States before the release of the time will be scheduled for September.

think Samsung Pay and Pay Apple in the practical experience and the upcoming Android Pay very like.

samsung wrote in a blog post: “when you need to pay, as long as open the App, put your samsung device in the credit card terminal near, reoccupy fingerprint authorization.”

but despite these surface thorough observation, will find that samsung and its rivals in mobile payment platform is different. Although these three are near field communication (NFC) to support on the phone to pay, but samsung also supports magnetic secure transport (MST), similar to traditional magnetic stripe card.

and NFC this broad support point – of – sale (POS) terminals technology is different, the MST is applicable to each can accept credit card machines, this can help samsung across the widely adopted NFC block. In fact, it is enough to help samsung instead of apple and Google in mobile payment is still in the initial position.

in some ways, the influence of the apples are expanding their own mobile payment platform, the company will Pay to Apple earlier this week Britain, this is the first outside the us to contact the service of the country.

still, samsung launched the speed seems to be faster than its competitors, in February this year it bought LoopPay mobile payments company, this is also the samsung to the signal of the fight against apple and Google seriously.

Source: Mashable