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in recent years, fashion magazines and BBS “d secret angel” an the limelight. To attract people is not only their beautiful face, but they didnt, symmetrical shape. Beauty pursuit “skinny” time has in the past, now, strong arms, lumbar abdomen become for people with a waistcoat line “shape” of the new definition. Rely on diet starved themselves thin way has gradually been replaced by movement, everyone can get a good figure, through the exercise to change your life. So how to develop a suitable for your fitness plan? This is what people you want to solve.

at jun is a results oriented community exercise to lose weight. Open the app, immediately pops up a height, weight, age, get the user measurements of the interface, the user after completed, Matthew jun will according to the user’s own physical condition to develop a set of diet and exercise program. Eating plan detailed list three meals a day diet, exercise program is to provide a few group training video. The user can according to the diet and exercise tailored plan; And clock out every day, to record every step of the effort and sweat; And you can join the fitness group, bask in your diet, a movement, and other users to communicate, motivate each other.

if the user needs to develop more targeted and more precise fitness plan, determined and bad to say goodbye, Matthew jun also provides two mode of online and offline charging course. Online courses, students can register set up by senior fitness coach WeChat groups, collect the details of the constitution about students better and tailored training plan and recipes, and several times a day supervise students’ diet, training, and help students to stick it out. Through six weeks of the course, participants will be based on the base of their body weight decrease from 10% to 20% of their body weight, each course costs 1600 yuan. Online courses has launched more than six months time, there are more than three thousand students enrolled in, the success rate reached 92%. Offline course is currently only in Shanghai, students time to specify the gym, every Wednesday by the trainer to guide training and diet, six weeks and cost 3600 yuan. At present, a lot of users for women aged between 20 to 40.

about why choose to do the fitness market, Matthew jun, founder and CEO wy has his idea: in the fitness market, China than Europe and the United States, americans do not have the habit of exercise, and knowledge of sports is very scarce. But exercise can not only change their physique and figure, can give people a more positive state of life. Nearly a year, China’s fitness market development very quickly, people gradually began to pursue the quality of life and a healthy lifestyle, so that a piece of the market development prospect and trend is very good. Sagittarius jun App launch three weeks, more than 10 registered users.

wy also told hunting cloud network: “I also am fitness beneficiaries, I not only make the body stronger through fitness, but also more love life, to keep the regular exercise and a positive attitude. I hope everyone can through the movement to change your life, though six weeks of training is pain, but to believe in yourself have the ability to manage their own body, take care of your life.”

competing goods have fittime immediate movement, Keep, etc. The App will provide some training video inside, such as training waist and abdomen, leg, etc., and will provide some experience about add muscle, lose fat. Visitors without registration to browse, and according to various movement for given training video. Sagittarius jun does not provide a ready-made training video, but by the user to register and fill in the health related information for users to develop their own fitness plan, and courses in online and offline.

the Sagittarius gentleman has gained an angel round investment, is preparing for A round of funding.