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as the saying goes, “fish which have fishing music, enjoy cannot say”, in recent years, more and more young people joined the ranks of fishing. Derived from the fishing group of younger, many products in the field of vertical fishing. “River lake fishing hunting today cloud network to introduce market”, is a platform for fishing fishing enthusiasts to provide information.

runescape fishing field is “yu le river’s lake” of its first product, mainly for DiaoYou solve “who and fishing”, “go fishing”, “how to fish”, “what kind of fish”, “after the catch how to share”, etc. At present, the river’s lake fishing field in chengdu three fisheries to pilot, at about 15 single day order. The micro letter on March online public platform, now the fans of 4000 + and App is expected to launch next month.

in particular, the function of the river’s lake fishing field consists of three parts:

1. Fisheries query: runescape fishing can according to the user’s location, recommend nearby fishing grounds for the user. Current fishing there are nearly 10000 fish farms across the country information, including address, fishery pond type, characteristic, fisheries, and DiaoYou share.

2. Ticket query: runescape fishing field through cooperation with merchants, will each fishing grounds fees information resources integration, the user can query to the charging standard of each fishing grounds. At the same time, the user can through the platform not only direct payment, can also participate in the activities such as fisheries ticket coupon and kill.

3. Catching season query: “today’s weather is suitable is not suitable for fishing?” And “fishery rose water situation, the letter?” River’s lake fishing field for the user to provide the information such as weather, fisheries, precipitation, the user can choose to subscribe to or check at any time. At the same time, the user can own catching season or browse other DiaoYou share information about fishing grounds.

founder bell aerospace is a serial entrepreneur, 19 years old when he first venture, set up a cumulative 2 million music web site users. Life, bell aerospace is a senior fishing enthusiasts, will be about a couple of friends on fishing when idle, it is also one of the reasons he choose to start runescape fishing field. Team, the existing more than 10 people, are all senior fishing enthusiasts, has years of experience in fishing.

bell aerospace tell hunting cloud network, the user access to catching season a lot of information channel, fishing grounds, but on the update for relatively lags behind; At the same time, the fishing group of younger make similar to the original “fishing club” service platform can not meet the demand. “Young people should have more play, and river’s lake fishing field is the hope can give a DiaoYou change boring way of fishing, fishing platform of the new formats.” Bell aerospace said.

business model, river’s lake fishing field based on the “social + electricity” mode. Referring users to fishing grounds, information integration of fishery resources, and businessmen to cooperate, the user can through the platform to share and exchange fishing experience, skill, in order to enhance the viscosity between the platform and users.

bell aerospace said: “the fishing tackle market price confusion, quality problems, river’s lake fishing hope targeted for the user to select fishing gear.” Now the river’s lake fishing field to the user also collect fishing enthusiasts, add to the “sport fishing experience”, tourism and fishing, is to open such activities, bell aerospace said: “hope in the future through the ticketing services and tourism product combination, let river’s lake fishing field more wide range of services.”

competing goods aspects, focusing on the fishing platform for many, mainly divides into two kinds, one kind is the social is given priority to, such as “iron fish fishing” is to provide users with check point, dried fish, fishing friends about fishing, fishing skills content such as news, jokes, fishing tools, fishing for DiaoYou share and exchange experience. Another kind is electric business platform, such as “fishing net” perpendicular to the users to sell fishing gear, fishing platform “” China will be fishing gear electricity resource integration, provide fishing tackle exhibition and trade. , but only do DiaoYou social profit model, only do electricity, user adhesive properties is poor, and the river’s lake fishing field social and electricity.

in addition to social + electric business mode, river’s lake fishing field and competitive product research and development of the biggest difference lies in the river’s lake fishing field App support and intelligent hardware connection, make fishing more intelligent. How smart? Bell aerospace to hunt cloud network is introduced, the river’s lake fishing field is developing intelligent fishery protection, it can carry out automatic weighing on the number of fish, the acquisition of water, water temperature, water quality, and these users only need to use App can understand and grasp.

“I hope that through these features to attract fishing enthusiast, fishing affect more people to join this movement, to some extent, change the fishing industry.” Bell aerospace said.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, river’s lake fishing angel round financing plans in the works.