tutor O2O pattern is set, the recent predominantly please he taught startups already grew bigger in a short time. Research way treasure CEO Chen Kunxiang admitted in an interview with hunting cloud network: O2O mode is relatively heavy, research way treasure timely direction adjustment, mergers and acquisitions in the form of cash + 30 million equity transfer to education, education online from tutors O2O regression.

one-stop online education platform

according to hunt cloud network understanding, to study way treasure bought by a volunteer education was established in February 2011, is a business for four years of one’s deceased father grind online education company, which owns all English network, brought to recognize, think media network, xinchuan one’s deceased father grind network, and other online education brand. And research way treasure was established in March 2015, strategic positioning for K12 to university, based on the learning platform q&a of social intelligence, its final direction is “no teaching”, intelligent precise points. Chen Kunxiang said m&a is also out of two complementary, consider for the rapid development of the. At present, the research way treasure has four core functions:

1. Please answer is the most core and the viscosity, the strongest and users of the most commonly used functions.

2. The research circle of friends is interactive learning circle, a bit like WeChat circle of friends, but the circle is all users have the same test experience, they have the demand of the interaction.

3. Looking for a senior is to look for guidance to find a tutor.

4. The function of evaluation is relatively late, and most the function of scientific and technological content, finally can realize smart group volume corrects, smart, intelligent diagnosis and intelligent precise points.

research way treasure CEO Chen Kunxiang said: research way treasure will be launched on July 20, APP1.0 version, this version is only one’s deceased father grind the module of online education. At the end of August will be out of the next version, this version will cover university and K12 module of primary and secondary schools, because answer + circle and find a senior learn elder sister (or teacher), and other function modules is general university and primary and secondary schools, so the research way of positioning is the online for the whole university stage and to the primary and secondary school education.

source and reliability of the senior, senior

on the block, “senior” main source and how to guarantee the reliable, Chen Kunxiang convective cloud network is introduced: looking for a senior, is a general term, includes find learn elder sister, and even find (public school) teachers. Senior senior colleges and universities is the main source of reading undergraduate and graduate students. Research way treasure to ensure safe and reliable mainly through two aspects: one, to our platform to upload documents authentication, including student id certification and id certification; Second, the platform itself has the evaluation system, users can refer to the other side of the transaction records, reputation evaluation, etc.

research way treasure will not end in the teacher as the center, but take the student as the center. Different from common family education mode, is not necessarily the conventional teaching mode, and could only knowledge transfer, more in line with the characteristics of the mobile Internet fragmentation products. For example, a graduate student for undergraduate students answer test questions for counseling or teaching; Undergraduates for K12 students online FAQ, online tutoring, guidance provided the university entrance exam volunteer and so on.


Chen Kunxiang to hunt cloud network said: at present, the research way treasure platform itself has both fees and free items. Friends and seek solutions and research circle, intelligence evaluation these basic core functions are free of charge to the customer, to ensure that improve the user experience; Seniors, on the other hand, if the user needs to find tutoring, so this charge is involved, the user need to pay fees, through our platform to senior research way treasure to provide third-party security trading system, but we do not charge any fee to the party. Future research way treasure will also introduce more value-added services, and value-added services, proprietary personalized course fee and so on.

competing goods analysis

in essence, the research way is the upgrade version of teacher and pupil patterns such as search, research way is relatively more treasure user viscosity: users in the learning process will encounter problems at any time, at any time can take photos uploaded q&a, thus can predict the viscosity, and with viscous and trust have matching butt and coaching relationship between teachers and students, and also involves the function module of matching docking between teachers and students, is more subtle.

team introduction

research way treasure, was founded in March 2015, is currently in xiamen and Beijing has company respectively, one hundred have been operating team, the core founding team from baidu, jingdong, the former CEO search mentoring, and online education industry veteran entrepreneurs. Yes, research way and treasure search CEO of teacher and pupil are Chen Kunxiang, the current focus tend to grind treasure here.

development plan

Chen Kunxiang convective cloud network, according to research way treasure self-employment income reached one million yuan per month now, after not financing, rely mainly on founding team gold and self-employment income from investment, is now seeking must level of Pre – A round of funding for quick layout throughout the country. Moreover, as the article mentioned in the beginning, research way treasure to mergers and acquisitions to education, at present only volunteer education for hundreds of thousands of online education paying customers. Based on this, the research way treasure said yesterday he was confident that extend more than hundreds of App users in years.

Chen Kunxiang said that after completing the acquisition research way treasure main do three things:

1. Online education to one’s deceased father grind the severe vertical segments further develop and expand, two years to become the niche first;

2. With the help of the existing resource base and the team quickly into the college students’ online education other market segments, such as test, study abroad, pre-service training, online education market;

3. The student users is the main server, coaching answering questions for K12 users, on the basis of student users, before the National Day will be fully into the K12 domain, and in the direction of unmanned, intelligent teaching points.