hunting cloud network (note: this is a brief enough in this paper, the founder, ren zhengfei, huawei YongRenGuan dry goods. New employees to book first published in 1994 published “huawei people”, ren personally revised several times over the years, it is 2015 ren again to this latest revision. , ren zhengfei, throw, “in front of the endeavor, opportunities are always equal, to afford good wronged,” burn immortal bird phoenix is “point of view, such as a” shock “to read.

book for ren to new staff under the original:

you had the opportunity to join the company, we are lucky enough to get the chance to cooperate with you. We will be the basis of mutual respect, mutual understanding and mutual trust, together with you through the years with the company. This kind of respect, understanding and trust is the bridge and ties together happily.

the company’s common value system, is to build a common, for the society, contribute to the motherland for the world of corporate culture. The culture is open and inclusive, and continuously absorb the excellent culture and management in the world. If the culture closed up to narrow self-esteem, narrow sense of pride as the leading factor, to exclude other advanced culture, huawei would have failed. The enterprise culture glue all staff unity and cooperation, to the road of group struggle. With this platform, your ingenuity can very good play, and achievement. Without the sense of responsibility, lack of spirit of self-criticism, not good at cooperation, not group struggle, equal to lose the opportunity of the progress in huawei, then you will be a waste of precious time.

the company management is a matrix system, operating up to is a network for help. Want you to be an open subsystem in this system, actively and effectively turn to others, both at the same time to help others, so that you can make full use of company resources, you can provide the basis of using others, absorb the experience of others, quickly enter the role, progress soon. For help is no disgrace, do no good to disgrace, for help is the best form to participate in the group struggle.

the practice is the foundation of your level, it fully tested your shortage, only exposed, you just can have progress. Practice, practice, especially for young students is very important. Only after the practice is good at using theory to sum up, just can have leap. Should adjust their own position, to do the small role, is likely to do big horn.

we call heroes, not let lei feng cheated, itself is created for each hero stand out. Lei feng’s spirit and heroism is the core essence of struggle and dedication. Lei feng and heroes are not super pure person, also have no fixed standard, the standard is changing with time. In huawei, meticulously completes the labor of duty is dedication, is the heroism, is lei feng’s spirit.

the practice reform, also has created a generation of huawei. “You want to do? Shall be made from basic level, “has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people in the company. All with practical ability and sense of responsibility, for your personal evaluation and should be rewarded mainly depends on your contribution. In huawei, you put on a brick to the company, the company to provide you the ladder of success. Hope you to accept the challenge of fate, tirelessly to go forward, you may touch the wall, but not through hardships, why success! In huawei change the way of his own fate, only two: one, hard struggle; Second, make a good contribution.

the company requires every employee, to love their motherland, love our this is just beginning to revitalize the nation. Only carries the nation’s hope, can be a tough fight, and with no regrets. One day, we will be in a place on the world stage. But no matter any time, any place don’t do I’m sorry, I’m sorry motherland nationalities. Don’t be sorry family colleagues, I’m sorry, I’m sorry you struggle career. Model to observe the national laws and regulations and social ethics, should strictly abide by the company in all kinds of system and management practices. The unreasonable system, only after modification can not abide by it. No one can be beyond the law and system, not corruption, not theft, not corruption. Discipline, to help others.

you sometimes feel company did not you imagine the fair. Really there is no absolute fair, you can’t expect too much of this aspect.

but in front of the endeavor, opportunities are always equal, do good to afford the wronged. “Burn immortal bird is the order of the phoenix,” this is huawei’s attitude towards the grievance and frustration and the norms of selecting cadres. Not certain to bear ability, the future how to do? The fate of a person, actually is master in his own hands. Evaluation of the life, is there will be error, but never as for black and white upside down and good as a mile. To believe that is the sun always rises, even temporarily still below the horizon. You may not understand the company and temporarily leave, we welcome you to come back.

there are many cases of “more haste, less speed”, hope you throw away the illusion of instant, learning Japanese is steadfast dedication, meticulous, German. In real life to master a certain business is very difficult, you don’t have to be to work, so more difficult. Do a line, loves a line, line out of the top. Would you like to improve business efficiency, treatment, and only focus on a limited, otherwise it will be difficult to practice makes perfect. What you want to be, everything all want to be, what means are not proficient in, do any thing for you is an opportunity to learn and improve, is redundant, drilling hard to interest in nature. We should bring up a batch of practice makes perfect, success depends on forethought., there is a real beginning ability and management ability of cadres. Opportunity preference steadfast worker.

the company will never promote a person without experience at the grass-roots level for top managers. Follow the principle of step by step, every link has great meaning to your life, you are very seriously to treat now in the hands of any piece of work, very carefully walk the every step of the career. You have to respect your direct leadership, although you also have the ability, even more, otherwise you men don’t respect you in the future. After the Yangtze river waves always steady. Analysis to system, put forward your Suggestions, you are a Wen Huazhe, hasty, proposed to you is irresponsible, also waste the time of others. Especially the new arrivals, don’t get off the bus at the start of easily when din. To in-depth and thorough analysis, to find a link to the problem, find a solution, the builders of bit by bit to do, not grandstanding.

in order to help employees to continuously surpass ourselves, the company set up various training center, training is very important, it is to fulfill the strategic intention of the company, management promote progress and an important means of training cadres, is the company to the future, the important step to tomorrow. You should make full use of the “big” platform, efforts to learn advanced science and technology, management skills and scientific thinking methods and working methods, training is also your ladder to success. Of course you want to receive training, not without conditions.

material resources will be exhausted, only culture can. A high and new technology enterprise, we can not live without culture, only the sustainable development of the culture to support her and huawei’s culture is a struggle, all of its cultural connotation, all from the world, from all ethnic groups, the partner… Advanced and reasonable part of, and even competitors. If say huawei have own core culture, then the remaining struggle and sacrifice spirit is our own! But struggle and sacrifice are copied from another. Someone asked me, what is your vividly describe the company culture. I can’t image to describe what is huawei’s culture, I watch the movie “kekexili”, as well as the disabled persons acting after the “thousand goddess of mercy”, I think their spirit is called huawei culture! For a new employee to huawei’s culture requires a hard process, every employee should be proactive, in the process of doing real down-to-earth, keep to comprehend the core values of huawei’s culture, and identity until digest acceptance of huawei’s values, make oneself become a huawei’s culture, and to create value of huawei; Only as early as the end of each batch of new employees to accept and promote huawei’s culture and to make the huawei’s culture.

huawei feature is the service culture of culture, who for whom service problems must be solved. The meaning of service is very wide, the total is service for users, but in particular, a user process is, is your “god”. You must be serious about each process and each user. Any time, any place, huawei will mean high quality. I hope you always remember.

huawei cast over the years the achievements only two words — honesty, integrity is the survival and development, the source of honesty culture of the company is the most important intangible assets. Honesty is the most valuable wealth of every employee.

spare time can arrange some leisure, but I still want to read some books in a planned way, don’t make improper recreation activities, in order to become a man of noble, you hope your self-discipline.
We don’t agree with you to opine, encouraging words. At present, under the leadership of the communist party of China, the country’s political stability, economic prosperity, it’s for the enterprise development provides a good social environment, we should cherish. The 21st century is the history to give the revitalization of the Chinese nation, a rare opportunity, now or never, like the present. “Who on earth belongs to the 21st century,” the essence of the problem is the competition of national power and international competition in the final analysis is carried out between big business and big business. National comprehensive national strength enhanced need numerous large enterprises to form industrial clusters to support. A enterprise want to keep for a long time in the international competition advantage, the only way is to own their own competitiveness. How to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, the article will wait for you to do.

I hope you speed up exercise, thrive, we will go to in order to tomorrow’s sun.