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interested in dating, member similar matching, in the car… Now the social products of a number of vertical segment, but divided in the field of the thinner the more means that threshold. Social itself and should not be set many rules, can let TFboys Boyle, exobiology powder and square dance friends, is the social significance. How can ability let no intersection group break level, money and other restrictions in appearance, social networking on the same platform, which is today cloud network to introduce the products of hunting “ERA” to solve the problem.

new ERA founder xu can, can’t help surprised she is just a girl in 95, she can do a good business in this matter? Xu undergraduate from British Coventry University after graduation, by University College London, admission to the master, 2014 gave up the opportunity to practice school careers in the UK. In fact, this is her second business. Xu said: “the outbreak of the potential of youth entrepreneurship have considerable space, just need time and opportunity, our passion, learning ability, innovation consciousness will bring more new development business circle.”

as xu can, she spent eight months formed a young team, currently a total of 22 people, after 90 is responsible for the operation, responsible for product development after 80. Co-founder Liang Wan milk during the university there are many times and xu can have on the project cooperation, cooperate with the tacit understanding. CTO Lai Hancheng has more than ten years development experience, good at high concurrency, large data architecture. Participated in Facebook game “happy farm” development, lead the team to develop the “world” “ultimate three kingdoms” “happy lemon aide to lose weight” and other software.

ERA is a location-based social task type value, let the user level of appearance, skills, social status, credit, personality, social skills directly converted into cash. Xu says, can keep exobiology powder and square dance Boyle a equal status, they need to be in line with the principles of equivalent exchange, implementation services and value of interaction, ERA is committed to let users every penny spent on real demand points. According to cloud network understanding, hunting “ERA” iOS version was launched in early July, now at the testing stage, is expected at the end of July the iOS and android will be fully online edition of promotion.

at present, the ERA of the function mainly reflects in the following three aspects:

1. Task dating: on the one hand, when a user in real life encounters some problems in need of help, but through the platform release information, by paying a fee to get help from others; On the other hand, when users have some skills in special skill, can also through the platform and users need to reach a docking mission. ERA based on LBS, can complete the task by searching for a nearby people, to some extent improve the efficiency.

2. The red envelopes knocking at the door: although ERA is a social software, but chatting is not its main functions. Between users if in a strange state, one party to another party after continuous sending two messages cannot again continue to harass, if you want to continue, you must send a red envelope, quantity and amount for a red envelope is, of course, depending on their situation. Xu said: “this set of functions on the one hand can increase the fun of dating, to some extent, on the other hand can prevent users from harassment by a stranger.”

3. Market guarantees: registered users need to fill in basic information, and the selectivity of the identity, education, work and information authentication, after dating between users, the two sides can be mutual. Deals under the rating system, and grafting on WeChat, pay treasure to pay level, to some extent, prevent the invalid social between users, deceived, and so on and so forth.

today’s social product no matter how to subdivide, will be labeled as booty call, invalid social, social caused by excessive social phobia, let more and more people to social software is very difficult to keep the passion and love for a long time. And ERA with social cuts through the interaction between the user value, solve the user don’t know how to use time value to liquidate, currency exchange skills, let users at the same time of social, in the shortest time, the efficiency of the fastest, lowest cost to complete value of interaction.

ERA with “meet mission – to do the task – reward” mode, the user is the deal between grafted on the basis of online payment, every single to smoke into as 1%, the current user text between red packets are no charge, after will charge according to certain standard. According to xu ke, ERA on the profit and a lot of space for imagination, such as value-added services, diversion channels, etc.

xu said: “ERA in the future the development direction of the final will not lay particular stress on social, cut social space is to reduce labor threshold, ERA will be a skill to monetize social software, change the traditional social software definition of pulp peach, allow the user to create a certain value at the same time in the social, this is the purpose of the ERA.”

according to cloud network understanding, hunting ERA has won the CAMA investment in June 8 million angel rounds of investment, for product development, operations, promotion, etc.