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you ever worry for gifts? Want to send a practical and don’t want to lose pretend bility, so in all kinds of mixed gift website the edition. Taobao search “creative gift”, the result is “girl send birthday gift romantic girlfriends boy practical novel” balabala said a lot of, in fact is the horn comb the lettering. The situation more, how to give others or oneself buy a nice gift? No evil may be able to solve your needs.

no evil is a gift guide tools App, mainly by the recommended strategy in the form of a gift. Founder and CEO Xu Shu, said in an interview with the hunting cloud network gifts for people, especially for men is a very headache thing. They seldom pay attention to, also don’t have the time to understand. No evil to do is to let people, with high efficiency to find the right gift to surprise each other at the same time also let the other side feel the heart of the giver.

open molested App, the home page to strategy, in addition to quickly pick, classification, and other functions, points into detailed classification can be found after subdivision group strategy or scenarios. According to Xu Shu, gift strategy is no evil at the core of competitiveness, so evil, each strategy also is importance. This is also A lot of class A channel will be free for molested promotion. Passes are very strict on gift consultants employed: first is shopping, shopping every year amount is less than three figures will not be hired, this is to ensure that the recommended every gift can value; Then the writing, not engaged in text editing class more than two years work will not be accepted. This is to help users to better understand each item of the gift property; Finally, and most important, do not understand Thanksgiving, heart without love will not be accepted.

about the origin of the name, said Xu Shu molested sound “Gifts” feeling, really don’t care how precious Gifts is the gift recipient’s sense of the gift. In addition, the second floor of the evil means screening is not just a gift, but also improve people life quality of life guide. Now many people have accumulated a certain wealth, the quality of life is very low, they have but don’t know how to change consumer demand. Passes the strategy not only recommend good things, sometimes in the ascending grade is no evil goal of people’s lives.

gifts and watercress is currently developing good buy gifts. Mainly to do list to collect UGC way douban things, good and bad are intermingled. Said gift set up earlier, probably because the founder is after 90, younger said gift for groups. No evil in a seemingly “stupid” way to write strategy, is actually selects people attentively, is very important to increase users reputation; Users and molested positioning is 20 to 35 years of urban white-collar workers, in the face of user groups is relatively mature, push on the selected product more suitable for white-collar workers.

molested both the world belongs to the Beijing information technology co., LTD., founder and CEO Xu Shu in baidu, netease, glutinous rice and other company. Team has more than 20 people, mostly technical and operations personnel. Evil online about a month, ten more users.

no evil on the item page guide with flagship store or website links, users can browse and buy into the items page. Xu Shu hope to cooperate with brands in the future development, the original feeling of sky-high fashion items with the thinking of the Internet reading out, let everybody can be in a more relaxed way to know and love. Short-term goal, of course, is to focus on the user experience, user base.