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1. Sleepace (China)

China hardware startups Sleepace is monitoring human sleep equipment manufacturers, are different from those who need to wear on your wrist tracking devices, their enterprise characteristic of the intelligent detector RestOn sleep is spread under the sheets, can monitor the user’s sleep cycle, action, respiratory rate and heart rate, these sleep related data will display in the relevant App.

2. Expert 360 (Australia)

Australia start-ups Expert 360 is a good platform for the online consultancy services, the consultants can sign with web site, then according to the different professional knowledge of what they are responsible for assigned to the need of the company. So even a small start-up companies will also be able to get before they could afford.

3. ZenRadius (India)

ZenRadius through analysis to help you find reliable staff, it will be according to your job description to find the right person, at the same time, looking for your network could be used to help in the process of expanding the scope of the optional.

4. KFit (Malaysia)

KFit is a start-up companies in Malaysia, only need to pay a monthly fee user unlimited choice of gym or fitness course, the company was established in May this year, a month a help user to complete the 400000 reserve requirements.

5. NoBroker (India)

NoBroker is looking for a house and the landlord to provide a platform don’t need a middleman, the enterprise hope the website can give a person with sense of trust, thus verifies the listed under all kinds of information, such as housing concise, photos, location and homeowners identity without middlemen intervention, it may even provide the help of lease contract registration.

6. Furdo (India)

Furdo is to let the user choose a topic on the platform, and then submit them the floor plan of the house, it will generate a room according to the users of the selected topic 3 d video. This video can to 360 – degree virtual tour of the house, so users can choose their favorite design elements, all in the video display items can be from the website has a partnership PepperFry and FabFurnish buy online shop.

7. JetSetGo (India)

JetSetGo is private planes and helicopters aggregators, it can let users online booking a private jet, simply enter travel related information such as the city, time, time, etc.

8. ShopAtPlaces (India)

ShopAtPlaces is an online store, selling is one of the most famous things everywhere, such as copper jewelry, Uttar Pradesh Jharkhand tussah silk shawl, Lucknow Chikankari clothing and so on. The platform, said a total of around 3500 products, species diversity, including clothing, accessories, jewelry, handbags, shoes, home decoration, such as perfume.

9.10 times (India)

10 times is a platform and network business meeting, also build other services, like the speaker information, meeting agenda, preview the maps and indicates the direction of places, and set the alarm clock for the meeting. It is for the purpose of ascension is often to participate in the meeting in the meeting before, during and after the process of various experiences, and recommended a similar Tinder App, can let the user the information of other participants in advance.

10. Tamecco (Japan)

in the start-up of Japan Tamecco using artificial intelligence and record analysis of some equipment specific to provide users with the most like or one of the most frequent physical store coupons, discount and other allowances. For retailers, Tamecco can be based on user’s location analysis of many things, such as stream of people of high and low area, how many customers have got close to the checkout counter but I did not buy something. It can also be told that a store which is the first time a user to shop, this shop can provide special one-off discount for this new customer.

11. Snackosaur (India)

Snackosaur is a booking based services, will provide some of the common unhealthy snacks, some of these snacks can rely on the menu click, but the customer must order one month or three months the amount of such every two weeks will receive a full of snacks, it also provides a one-time combo box contains five kinds of snacks.

12. Advancells (India)

Advancells using stem cell therapy to treat various diseases, the company focused on providing treatment for many diseases, such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), cerebral palsy, autism, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, alzheimer’s disease, and eye disease, etc. It may even implement some plastic surgery, treatment will end some of the items by Advancells team affairs.

13. Zimplistic (India)

the first product of Zimplistic Rotimatic is automatic pancake machine, released in a week, reservation amount to $5 million, for $599.

what you need to do is put flour and any dry additive items in a container, such as water and soluble salt in the wet container, purification of cream (melted butter) or other oils in the third small container. After a minute, a flat, circular, baked cake will slip out from the machine, like out of a piece of paper from the copier.

14. Lucep (Singapore)

is still in beta, located in the Singapore Lucep created a can manage the leadership and the prospects of the mobile terminal of the App, can help those who want to make their own business management on track as soon as possible, or loss of face a large number of potential customers. The start-up on commercial web sites have a small parts, more like a customer dedicated chat tool, this tool will generate a group of potential customers, virtual help sales team for training.

15 NestAway (India)

bangalore NestAway aims to provide living in metropolis hardcover and rent, the companies say will be the be fond of according to the user to provide convenient online rental experience, looking for accommodation without intermediary costs, and in each tenant will authenticate before we sign the contract.

16. SafeCity (India)

SafeCity hope that through data or technology, encourage give everyone enough public space to protect the security of the city, especially the safety of the women. The web site allow anonymous users to provide the details of the incident, including content, place and time, these complaints will be displayed on the map.

17. Joybynature (India)

India Joybynature with 300 suppliers have cooperation of the country, with more than ten thousand kinds of organic products, include: cosmetics, mosquito repellents, floor cleaner, cereals, baby food and edible seeds, etc., can also equipped with experts and users online communication, have a healthy life advice.

18. Inoho (India)

Inoho wants to set up an affordable home automation system, which will fit into the existing electric scheme. It consists of three parts: the switchboard components, home controller and App. Family controller can be connected to a wireless router, so you can connect on the entire system, and even directly connected to the smartphone, laptop or tablet, so even if there is no wireless also can control system.

19. Fashion sharing site Standing Ovation (Japan)

Standing Ovation launched XZ Closet allows users to upload their own clothes, and other users to share their own fashion sense. Borrowed from someone else’s taste, users can combine their own taste, to show your favorite clothes to you, for others to appreciate, comment and follow suit.


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