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Chinese brand clothing network, according to China’s garment industry output value as high as 1.2 trillion, reuse of brand clothing market has nearly trillions of stock. Automobil dun &bradstreet research President neal said, at present, China has the ability to buy international famous brand of consumer population reached 13% of the total population. The second-hand brand products at the core of the female users reached 091 million, second-hand clothing brand market scale is about 126 million, an annual output value of at least 30 billion level, and is fast growth at the rate of 20%. Women in reality only 80% of the time Johnson 20% of clothing, market access various party, dress also wore only once; Sometimes accidentally bump unlined upper garment; Often change new, buy back after never through the… . Real women when they spare clothing circulation problems need to solve.

although many second-hand existing market trading platform and offline store, but only provide commodity exhibition and payment services, and P2P trading trival, products not hierarchical, it hard for specific product interface design and function Settings, fake goods and exchange experience. All of these become women goods circulation around the obstacle, however, cannot meet the needs of users.

FR fashion resale is took a fancy to the potential of the market, to share economic + O2O2O cut women used brand clothing market, processing spare clothes for women. Take the goods to buy mode, FR completely the escrow, in quality, health, quality goods, after return, unified distribution to solve user problems about packing, improve the user experience in the evening.

founder HuoZhiYuan tell hunting cloud network, the target consumers of their product mainly is 20 to 35 years old female users. Different from the traditional mode of consignment of second-hand electrical contractor, FR abandoned personal P2P mode, take the second-hand clothes to buy, strictly control the supply chain, analyzing big data operations, and to ensure the maximum collect clothes sell quickly, in advances for the user at the same time to ensure the safety of the cash flow and inventory control.

now that involves the clothing resale, for circulation of its quality and how to control? HuoZhiYuan to hunt cloud network, said to bargaining space smaller light fast fashion brands and luxury brands, many users don’t have time to go to sell, through after FR the client place the order, there will be a Courier from door to xiamen maintenance factory audit evaluation, through to the user after quotation, 7-15 days to pay the seller, also can turn to consignment and taken to sell, seller temporarily responsible for the postage. FR after unification of clothing products, pricing and packaging distribution. , of course, the user can also make you want to upload pictures, add related introduction (original price, selling price, size, etc.), after review, the sale information will be displayed on the FR.

in terms of valuation, valuation FR using big data analysis, including different brands in different regions of clothes in different areas of the original price, market price, sale, the sale of a specific brand similar second-hand platform and stock price, speed, size, color, design style and so on, these factors comprehensive valuation of a garment. Buyers, again HuoZhiYuan said they all platforms and products displayed after buy hand, valuers, appraisers, four layers of authentic information check, ensure quality goods quality and style from FR into buyers. Also has the traditional B2C shop after-sales service (consulting, delivery, complaints, etc.) to improve the product experience. Good services to users with the satisfaction, the formation of word-of-mouth.

HuoZhiYuan tell hunting cloud network, FR goods source is mainly personal second-hand clothes and brand of goods, mainly for fast fashion and luxury, mainly in the high-end brand, sale of the brand of at least more than 20 stores, of which 75% of clothing is not to participate in a third party sale, bag is not for sale, 61% 55.6% shoes is not for sale, price is 50% lower than the market sales.

for secondary culture, there are big differences at home and abroad, many foreign second-hand clothes trading platform, such as Poshmark are financing, domestic C2C platform used, including cars, houses, clothing, furniture, such as increasingly into people’s life, is willing to sell out and how many? The FR to female consumer market really depends? HuoZhiYuan hunting cloud network is told: FR is aimed at women in high-end clothing circulation problems, adopt the buyout mechanism, to ensure that the operation is simple. Behind the vertical market segments, with large data appraisal system, to provide intelligent evaluation, on the one hand, to the seller for profits, on the other hand to take various measures to prevent risk not sell. To obtain the support of user trust is a developed process.

FR fashion resale, opened in March 2015, mid-june iOS online, at present, the team is looking for an angel round.

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