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in daily life, the standby power consumption of television, set-top boxes, it is easy to be ignored, but according to the data show that the TV on standby day power consumption at about 0.2 degrees, the set-top box day standby power consumption is as high as 0.4 degrees, a year down the standby power consumption of baidu. You might say, it’s very simple ah, don’t pull the plug is good? But at ordinary times, you can specifically to save electricity and pull the TV plug? Hunting cloud network reported today in the real wisdom P1 intelligent strip provided the answer to solve this problem.

real wisdom P1 is designed specifically for the television environment, through the infrared sensor intelligent recognition status of the television, television remote closing, cut off the TV and accessory equipment power supply intelligent strip. With intelligent power linkage, any key on remote control, USB intelligent fast charging, 5 hours intelligent power, a button to turn off the power supply, a key to switch between normal mode, and other functions.

the most core function of the intelligent linkage is power, then this feature is how to achieve? Real wisdom P1 has one TV socket, two linkage jack, a link to the TV, and two subsidiary device connected to the TV set. And remote control at home after a match, when the remote shut down the TV, real wisdom P1 will automatically cut off the power supply socket. In addition, there are two long pass real wisdom P1 jack and equipped with 2.4 A fast charging USB port.

at present including big companies such as haier, bulls, millet outlet across the world are involved in intelligence, intelligent electrical outlet of safety problems also caused the attention of the industry. Real wisdom P1 also pay attention to product safety, has a whole article tin phosphor bronze, lightning surge protection, overload protection, children prevent electric shock exit, 750 ° C flame retardant PC, new gb wide spacing of 6 big security.

when it comes to real advantage of P1, real intelligence technology markets partner picture says: one is the industrial design and engineering, 30 ° man-machine display interface, intuitive LED lamp, let real wisdom P1 give a person a kind of elegant feeling; 2 it is practical, simple, can be used directly by remote control at home, no mobile phone operation, use and normal strip, users do not need to change the traditional way of behavior, home and children with old man. 3 it is relative to other intelligent products, price is low, is 159 yuan.

May 2015 real wisdom P1 on jingdong started on the raise, has now been completed. Now the company’s main power concentrated in the goods after the raise, as well as to build their own online sales channels, can be in real wisdom of science and technology website and buy big electric business platform.

real P1 is a real wisdom technology co., LTD., the first product, real intelligence science and technology was established in July 2014, headquartered in Shanghai, in shenzhen and a subsidiary company in silicon valley, respectively, at the same time. Company is currently a total of 15 people, founder of nic, graduated from China university of science and technology have cooperation founded 51. com, 2345. com, etc.

real wisdom science and technology at present a total of 2 product lines, one is daily consumer electronic products, such as strip, light bulb; The other is a high-end products, such as a product of real intelligence technology under s1 intelligent music system.