rangers electric founder and chief executive of Huang Xiuyuan release domestic automobile “ranger X”, the first Internet plan for formal production 2017, in 2016, the first book, open price is unknown. Like domestic easing the bit in the apple phone conference, the electric car industry, the rangers electric opens the easing the bit in tesla first, only including former face contour are some tesla’s shadow, so how to specific performance, hunting cloud network show you details about it.

high level: appearance before the face of the LED screen is a highlight

there is no front trunk and ipc screen are embarrassed to say oneself is the electric car, so like tesla, ranger X is said to have a large trunk before, the car driving interaction platform using a 10.2 -inch LCD panel and the 17.3 -inch 1080 p hd ipc screen.

look at rangers X different and innovation. Its seat and the console with bentley were used respectively to model the original Nappa leather and million-dollar coupe dedicated Alcantara fabric. Each “ranger X” have a could be expressed in a “mood” before the face features, users can according to the vehicle sound atmosphere, theme, inside the car engine simulation Settings, such as the interior environment into their own visual and auditory experience. In addition, the rangers electric also will launch joint sharing platform design, designers can participate in the vehicle appearance in different areas and the design of the module, and customize the corresponding design theme of set limit to.

More configuration:

BMS system management, using the latest LTC6804 chip to control the precision of sampling error 1 mv, relative to the Tesla and BMW i3, its precise control degree increased 8 times. This is really to use parameter easing the bit in tesla. “Ranger X” using single asynchronous motor drive, peak power of 270 kw, maximum torque of 440 nm, top speed of 16000 r/s, equipped with panasonic 18650 power battery and use spot welding technology, range of up to 460 km, 5.6 km/s. Rangers electric support household super fast charging and charge at the same time, the fastest charging can be completed in half an hour, 270 km mileage. “Ranger X” the original car equipped with vehicle traveling data recorder, ADAS advanced driving system as well as the same as the tesla, BMW new MobileEye auxiliary driving system, and according to user’s driving proficiency to auxiliary matching.

smart brain KITT: simple operation safety is still very active

the KITT OS is based on the Android 5.1 custom designed for auto depth of interaction system. Rangers electric let the vehicle control only interact with ipc screen graphics control, operation will be more concise and security. Unique intelligent voice system can be autonomous learning the language habits of the user, the initiative to communicate with people. Through private devices like mobile phones, smart watches can interact with “ranger X” information.

Huang Xiuyuan said: rangers electric will also implement unmanned open source project, he also specially in the final thanks to the patent of tesla’s open source.


like apple is homebred mobile phone imitation and “beyond”, in the automotive industry, tesla not escape this fate. From the perspective of the overall introduction of rangers electric, reference and innovation are some, but the price before, easing the bit in tesla is still inadequate. Hunting cloud network noted that 2017 is the production time for this model, this point in time, tesla $35000 cheaper version will also be launched, the domestic price will be between 40 and 500000, so the ranger’s pricing control between 30 and 400000, will have certain competitiveness. In addition, the cluster building cars with Internet companies in China are concentrated in 2017, the price, more humanized design also will be an important reference of consumers to purchase items.

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