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late yesterday, well-known actor quickly go.some suddenly tweeting propaganda oneself become a real partner, and very serious fund xiao-ping xu invested in a smart called OraCleen toothbrush. Hunting cloud network immediately contacted the OraCleen founder Mr. Miao have rain, conducted an exclusive interview.

so, Oracleen yue white smart toothbrush which is moved quickly go.some Sir? Miao rain cloud network to hunt said, before get quickly go.some investment, quickly go.some lover GuanYue ever try Oracleen yue white intelligent toothbrush, in contrast the previously used Oral B and philips intelligent toothbrush, GuanYue for Oracleen yue white intelligence toothbrushes, cost performance is very satisfied, which prompted them to invest Oracleen yue white smart toothbrush.

sometimes, has star aura is not necessarily a perfect thing, the star of the excessive halo may be covered in the light of the product itself. Today, let us put aside the star aura, focus on the product itself. Since when it comes to “smart” 2 words, you have to use the combination of hardware and software. Oracleen yue white intelligent toothbrush can use bluetooth 4.0 technology and mobile phone connection, via cell phone App for oral health management.

have you ever thought one day, you can see your brush your teeth? Oracleen yue white intelligent toothbrush using bluetooth 4.0 intelligent visualization technology, make visible brushing your teeth, can see his teeth on the mobile phone App, it can make every tooth can be deep clean. In order to let the application scenarios become more humanized, love bud technology is a specially designed is suitable for the scenario of mobile phone support.

in addition, when brushing your teeth, you can also watch the video on mobile phone App page, let the fragmentation of time become more valuable. And still can clearly see their own time, target time brushing your teeth, pattern, etc. According to the user’s demand brushing your teeth, at present can be divided into soft, clean, beautiful white three patterns, in the subsequent version will add more personalized Settings. More relevant user requirements, the mobile phone App can also view the family records of brushing your teeth, let the family by adopting a good oral care habit.

when using smart toothbrush, people are very easy to give up the use of mobile phone App. In order to let users better form the habit of brushing your teeth using the App, love bud on science and technology in the mobile App has a medal this option, when meet certain conditions, will be able to change the toothbrush head, floss, mouthwash, and other items.

at present, the author can see mobile phone App or private version. According to seedling to the rain, in the future, will be on the phone App new help you to find the best dentist in nearby the function. In addition, you will pass the update regularly rich functions of mobile phone App.

Oracleen yue white smart toothbrush on appearance design is very contracted, the toothbrush vibrations in only one button. And relatively small size, size is 24 x 196 mm, weight is 68.5 g. This makes Oracleen yue white smart toothbrush is more easy to carry, broaden the product usage scenarios. Its on the design of the brush cap also took kung fu, in the toothbrush with the crown design the vents, this makes the toothbrush head can keep dry state, resist bacterial growth. In parts of the bristles are Oracleen yue white smart toothbrush adopted imported nylon bristles, a unique double cut, make the bristles are with more teeth shape, cooperate with acoustic technology, can be more efficient, clean teeth.

Oracleen yue white intelligent toothbrush is love bud (Beijing) technology co., LTD. Development of the first product, in June 2014 in terms of product research and market research, analysis, and the appearance of the finished product in October and UE design, shenzhen branch was founded in November, as hardware production base, in March 2015 for small batch trial-produce, jingdong landing on July 15, the raise is launched. The company was founded in 2014, its founder miao rain was once product director in tencent, this is the first after he left the club business products.

about products and the company’s future development direction, miao have said the rain will focus on oral health field, and on the intelligent toothbrush products continue to agriculture, develop the intelligence of rechargeable toothbrush.