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in January 2014, Google heavily to buy smart home company Nest Labs, sparked a frenzy giant international technology in smart home. Internet companies in China with the user experience and ecosystem occupied a place. In all kinds of smart home, intelligent socket, in particular, have sprung up, most of the intelligent electrical outlet to transmit data using wi-fi, know to hunt cloud network Q wave intelligent security socket, “wisdom” is a socket with wire transfer data, with the Internet of things thinking into intelligent socket.

Q wave intelligent security strips will be introduced, and the wall socket outlet in two forms, there are no remote control for end user type, and for high-end users with remote control type. Products will be launched simultaneously. It adopted the design, and other smart socket different ways, co-founder of general according to the market the current industry status, see smart socket on safety and signal transmission on the spot, through a unique technology to solve these problems. Wall type intelligent socket at the same time, make smart socket a product for a long time, also solve the intelligent electrical outlet on the lug plate, a volume to take up the problem of multiple socket outlet.

a part of the intelligent electrical outlet currently on the market only 3 c digital certification, not through the national certification standard of socket, and only simple child safety locks, there is no other security features. Q wave intelligent security socket has passed the certification of the national standard of socket, outlet it can intelligent recognition, do people use two needle is inserted into the socket will not get an electric shock at the same time, the plug is not inserted into the socket will not get an electric shock. And also have leakage protection and overload protection function, detecting leakage current than leakage protection standard test is more strict to the national family, for isolation procedures, time is short, the circuit breaker cut off before cut off, and shall not affect the other electric equipment normal use, to protect the safety of intelligent equipment such as computers, and can detect the location of the fault.

Q wave intelligent security socket also use with other socket different way can solve the problem of transmission, the mainstream market is conducted via wi-fi module control, wi-fi signal cannot be avoided in transit will be on the walls, distance, interference and communication security problems, can only be solved by increasing the power, there must be some problems such as fever and increased power consumption, when families have more than one mobile phones, computers and other intelligent device, the ordinary router to handle dozens of a device to transmit data at the same time. Products using the power carrier technology, the data through wires to control the outlet, so as to ensure the stability and security of the signal. Wall socket can be directly replaced, without change, wiring, is a long-term use, not smart socket footprint size problems. On the way to control the outlet, can two ways through the app and panel control, master control can control 64 socket at the same time.

in addition, intelligence and security team also joined the humanized design in the product, such as USB charging port can insert, forward and reverse device without online, scanning can be activated. Automatic power can be controlled by mobile phone and plug plug in two forms to restore power. Even if not very accept the people of science and technology, can also ease of use. Power socket and regular, fixed function, can control a child’s use of time. Users can configure all of the switch.

general, once the huawei senior software engineer, in addition to other team members have many years of experience in electronic industry. With a number of U.S. patent. Q wave intelligent security socket at present have been successfully applied for the five national patents, there are two applications. Patents are difficult to imitation products, the core technological competitiveness. team in the process of product development, technology and the concept of parallel, to ensure that each module has a mature technology can be used, does not exist on the assembly line production is difficult to solve the problem, even if the production error inevitably exist in the process, also won’t affect the product quality and performance.

in August 2015 launched the raise small batch trial production, mass production is expected in October 2015, expand the form of offline and online purchase experience. Outside the current team have cooperation with distributors, the core team have experience in distribution, through the early offline sales and electrical business channels to predict and control the inventory . Products will be electric business online and offline channels to expand, through the example room, high-end hardware terminals, such as electric and preschool education institutions for refinement of marketing. Founder general thought, millet and other Internet company resources is not wiring board, mainly depends on the product, more lies in the cooperation and competition. Facing strips and socket manufacturers at home and abroad, the products have advantages in technology, more flexible sales methods, will be set up online, occupy the market by word of mouth marketing.

the team to plan the first round of financing, need 8 million money, transfer of equity negotiable.