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according to the 2015 China sleep index, according to a report in 2014, 22% of Chinese people there are serious sleeping problems, the proportion increased to 31.2% in 2015. Have ever experienced insomnia accounted for and rose from 6.4% in 2014 to 16.8% in 2015. Based on this, the founder of Q sleep Zhao Hongyu hope can through their own efforts to help people improve sleep quality, it is also a Zhao Hongyu r&d Q sleeps in the first place.

Q mattress sleep is a leading service, try to sleep, free for 45 day, such as after-sales maintenance services. 45 days sleep refers to the user after I receive my mattress, 45 days are not satisfied, in the absence of artificial damage, the unconditional return. While for free for the user, raise after the launch of new products, all the people will raise users free of charge in purchasing activities. Zhao Hongyu hope that through this way and users to establish a long-term relationship.

Q sleeps on the material different from the traditional spring mattress, used the Belgium imports of knitting fabric, and adopted the natural emulsion, polymer memory cotton, high density sponge constitute an integral part of the mattress. The main consumption crowd positioning is on the quality of life have certain pursuit of young people. At present, the specification is 1.8 meters of mattress sells for 2999 yuan.

compared with the traditional spring mattress, Q has three advantages. It is anti bacteria resistant mites, because the traditional spring mattress is sealed, so it’s easy to breed mite, and bad cleaning. And Q sleep natural latex material and polymer memory cotton has the characteristics of anti bacteria resistant mites. 2 it is smaller than the spring mattress resonance, noise is small. It also benefited from natural latex with ultra-quiet characteristics. Three is fully curve of joint human body, make the spinal cord maintain the best attitude.

when it comes to competing goods, in addition to the traditional mattress, Q and casper sleep and the United States is very similar, but unlike and casper, Q sleep more harder than about casper, density is controlled in 75, more in line with the sleep habits of the Chinese people on this.

Q sleep may start taobao the raise in 2015, is now complete. Zhao Hongyu said the future will be able to pass a Q sleeps WeChat public accounts and network channels of third-party platform to sell products. Because web side channel structures are not completed, Q sleep will be cut from the mobile end, such as in shops, pocket shopping platform sales. And promotion in order to better serve customers, the company will set up its own platform in the future.

Q sleep is only a dream in Beijing science and technology co., LTD., the development of the first product, the company was established in February 2015, the team is currently a total of four people. Before founder Zhao Hongyu from the army, is mainly engaged in the traditional decoration industry, agents and suppliers. Talked about doing Q sleeps the reason of this product, Q sleeps founder Zhao Hongyu tell hunting cloud network: it is he has been doing home improvement industry, the accumulation of supply chain relationship; Purchase process, the second is in the traditional mattress intermediate distributors, lead consumers to pay for the channel.

the company at present the main is to use its own funds in running, when the mattress sale, will start financing. Zhao Hongyu said: “at this stage lack things also many, still have to work.”

on the company’s future development, Zhao Hongyu said will be the main direction of health, development of smart home products. Q will sleep on the people consumption further subdivided, the production of real products that meet the consumer demand. For example, older people would prefer to sleep a little hard mattess, young people would prefer to sleep a little soft mattress, according to different segments of human needs to adjust. Subsequent will according to the opinion of the users, the iterative way to fine-tune products.