thin body, weight gain, increased protein, vitamins ABCD… Concerns over their own body level in the 21st century, with the satisfaction of material life and change the way of thinking, all the way high. More often than we would in the body, has drawn a red warning when running to “know” and search for solutions, or want reasonable diet but lazy “wide food will check” don’t know how to start. Formal operation in October 14 years battalion force may be able to solve these troubles, and they said, at present the most important thing is to seek more business cooperation.

demand for business cooperation, from camp at force is not the concept of a separate application. Camp at force provided is a specialized interface, access to a healthy diet related products. Such as ordering software, take-out platform, such as medical services related to a healthy diet. So, camp at force concrete want to do? We can see two things:

1. The user feedback intake of food nutrition assessment information. When the user input personal information on ordering platform, the system will automatically filter can meet the demand of health food. Personal again after further select submit, mobile phones will feedback food for the body fitness score, and a series of nutritional assessment information.

2. Give application intelligent food catering functions. According to order food on the collection and record at ordinary times, enter personal information and requirements, such as weight, soothing, brain, etc., can be intelligent identification system. The most suitable recipes automatically matching the corresponding period. Thanks in large part to meet the want to “lazy” or “difficult choice”.

so what camp at force team have confidence the housekeeper can make such a healthy diet? Founder weeks ? told hunting cloud network: “until now, we have collected 8 w the raw data, which contains the common ingredient coverage above 90%, also contains a lot of data commercially processed foods. On the other hand, we also collected more than 70 kinds of common diseases avoid eating appropriate, at the same time set up recommendation, appropriate food, fast food, four grades, guiding the user choice.”

camp at Rio wants to establish the nation’s largest professional health food database, query engine can make a healthy diet. Flood the market week ? said: “information about weight loss, keeping in good health, health, good or bad thing. Battalion force to these odd branches centralization, audit, the truth of information feedback to the user in the above mentioned way, reduce the cost of access to information.”

China nutrition portal with full nutrition, nutrition, nutrition China net every day, and so on. With these provide information consultation, and online search site, compared to enjoy force camp hope, in the form of more ground on the maximum improve user use frequency, the concept of healthy living from the detail place penetrate the life by the user.

the camp at Rio has completed the first product. Existing functionality to ordering a meal in a restaurant health (user energy, major nutrients, vitamins and minerals) to carry on the review, provide food for phase grams, avoid common diseases diet appropriate information, complete is designed to the replacement of cuisine, catering, etc.

5 team members at present, co-founder of zhou ?, Dong Jun worked Yi Xun, nearly 10 years of experience in Internet industry. Has completed 2 million seed round, currently looking for catering enterprises cooperate or catering software.

project: camp at force

company: yangzhou we information technology co., LTD.

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