(text/Tan Ziling)

a pet is a pet owners exchange and sharing platform, to provide pet owners about pet health care, maintenance, training of professional consulting as well as a variety of practical tool for raising pets.

the domestic pet market is developing very rapidly, founder of a pet Guo Zhen found around more and more friends keep a pet, but in the process of raising pets, such as medical, maintenance, training and other issues not professionals to answer, you lack of a platform for communication and sharing. Then, in early 2015, has a pet team established, is dedicated to pet owners to provide professional, comprehensive services. It is understood that a pet team core staff as well-known social App “met” start-up team.

there are pet App is now in the stage of trial operation, the current version includes pet JingTu, online video sharing, expert, a clearer bible of near, have a pet, pet, etc. Users can share share in pet photos in JingTu; Pet in experts online for pet owners to solve various problems encountered during a clearer; Familiar bible provides varieties of pet and pet disease etc, for users to better understand their pets; Pet information plate for users to share funny pet information, current event hot spot, celebrity name familiar reports, etc.; Nearby of pet help users quickly find the nearby pet and pet owners.

hunting cloud network learned that a pet in the ten days of trial operation in July this year, nearly 10000 registered users, “we are now the main job is to strive to provide users with the best pet service, temporarily didn’t dwell on the detail business model and profit issues,” said Guo Zhen.

with the development of the pet market, on the application of pet is also increasing, they mainly is the direction of the development of pet in pet e-commerce as the core to carry out the social and development. Whether which on the one hand, the pet market this cake is expanding from the angles of economy development, divide the cake application equipment is also constantly increased, to be in the market occupies a place, finally still need to rely on the quality of service.

at present, there are pet team in constantly explore the needs of users, in order to improve the product. Guo Zhen said team invited experts familiar fu xin animal hospital in Beijing, distinguished wuqi pet behavior of domestic famous experts, pet for pet owners to solve medical and pet training problems, at the same time, the team set up the full-time professional consultant team, including pet doctors, beautician, trainers, etc. In product design, there are pet sharing session, joined the fun map, text bubble, a short video, and other functions.

it is understood that a pet has been in preparation for your offline store, is expected to officially put into operation in around the end of October. “In the following we will continue to do deep do fine, the service will operate offline store, to make it better combined with online services, at the same time we also plan to development in the direction of the pet smart hardware.”

in addition, Guo Zhen tell hunting cloud network, have a pet for every jump group project, the team had not accepted the financing, financing plans will be developed according to the project.