“Internet + hit,” building materials household industry also join in the army of the Internet, this means that the traditional manufacturers, dealers and consumers between the interests of the chain is gradually being broken, home building materials manufacturers can dock directly to the end customer. In the beauty of red star triumphant dragon, nets, and soil rabbit after try building materials household giant hydropower business, many entrepreneurs will zero in on the field.

and mall is a building materials based on “Internet +” household electric business platform, using B2B + B2C business model, for the individual consumer, real estate developers, engineering contractors, hotel chains and other customers develop procurement plan, the recommended material standards, building materials and supply services such as online one-stop sampling. The Web version was launched in May this year, the App is expected to launch in December.

founder xiao-ping he told hunting cloud network, the traditional building materials household market exists many pain points. First of all, the trading of the intermediate links complex, high cost, and shoddy products, to cut corners, quality is difficult to guarantee; Second, the logistics distribution is difficult, make cost increase again, but also the existence of the logistics slow problem; Finally, the traditional offline payment only responsible for sales don’t provide the design, product after-sales also did not establish a customer-focused service.

for all this pain points, xiao-ping he done to neutralize mall new positioning. On the one hand, the platform is not only to provide users with online design, order, logistics and other one-stop service, also saves many intermediate links, docking with the manufacturer directly, greatly reduces the cost, take the price advantage; And adopts a mall, on the other hand, users only need to submit relevant information, through and after the mall assessment audit can become members and mall. Neutralization mall members enjoy the entire supply services: from the scheme design, cost control, to the material purchasing plan, quality control, project site service guidance, etc. About design, xiao-ping he said, the current platform into the paid and free design, user can choose according to their own needs.

about the quality of the goods, hunting cloud network understands, and straight for all goods are manufacturers, mall cooperation manufacturer must go through strict review, at the same time and mall will review for goods raw materials, monitor the production process of goods, the final product has independent inspector sampling, professional team supervised to adopt a control for the quality of the goods. Neutralize the mall also to require users to buy goods can be free replacement if any quality problem.

household building materials industry, logistics is a key, is also a difficulty. We have learned, and applies the self-built logistics and the way of the combination of the third party logistics, and will start building next year “north region, tianjin project demonstration center and logistics base”, the base is located in the integration of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, and the future will be as a logistics hub and the main exhibition hall products.

at present, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with neutralization mall brand suppliers have 30, including haier, mitsubishi heavy industries, a local meal, furniture and other well-known manufacturers; Products covered by the air conditioning of lamps and lanterns, stone wall materials, floor paint, etc. Eight categories. Now with wanda group LLC and high stakes, keyuan group, to build industry group purchasing cooperation relationship.

and mall headquarters in Beijing, the current service in Beijing and tianjin. Xiao-ping he told hunting cloud network, and mall will self-built warehousing, and constantly open offline exhibition hall. The project is expected to explore the changsha and shenzhen two cities in October to move into the next year. The future will operate on micro letter, the user can also be ordered on the micro letter.

and affiliated to the mall and JiYe building materials chain, founder of xiao-ping he has rich experience in business management, who have served in China century new city investment group, the team is currently more than 20 people, the project has not been financing, is expected to sell a 20% stake for 10 million yuan angel rounds of financing, it is mainly used for exhibition center (stores), business development and daily turnover of funds.