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in the time of the communication skill is the ability to execute, the enterprise internal employee communication plays an important role in the team. Teampel is a project oriented enterprise instant messaging software, designed to help enterprises improve the efficiency of project collaboration and communication.

there are more and more investors and the capital market value 2 b products, foreign team timely communication tools Basecamp, Slack and Teambltton development trend is very good, at home, such as “cloud” of dispute “Tower” and so on have also gained market, hunting cloud network reported today in the “Teampel” after two years of time polishing products, finally decided to put into the market in the beginning of August.

Teampel Chen Shi tell hunting cloud network founder, project start from 13 years project, development cycle is long, during this period has been constantly improve the product. Do Teampel is designed to solve his team communication problems in the office. Although at the time of project to do this project, such as E-mail, QQ can be used for communication and collaboration, but not fast; Although there are similar products on the market, but the entrance is different, so Teampel with instant messaging as a breakthrough point, and a research and development.

Teampel user groups are mainly small and medium-sized enterprise, or a certain part of the big companies. Chen Shi also told hunting cloud network, products are still at the stage of validation market now, will choose to do more to try later. From the function level, Teampel realize office automation, has the following four functions:

1. Communication: instant messaging, file transfer, announcement, vote, enhance the interactive writing within the team

2. Management: adjust the organization structure, set the storage location information, have their own management of the

3. Project: to establish a team with the project data, digital display task schedule, the administrator can grasp the details

4. Security: keeping all chat records, TP increase local record function, support for offline viewing.

by simple function introduction, I don’t think and can see Teampel and large enterprise ERP, OA, what is the advantage. Timely communication in the process of using traditional OA is not strong, in addition, Teampel belongs to rent now, to provide users with the middle of the support, and constantly upgrading, and the price also have a certain advantage in the same. The following is a website of quotation:

although a lot of similar products, but have different emphasis. Teampel side began to focus on software, and their type selection page WEB side. Teampel allows users to build server, after the company’s internal network firewall, guarantee the safety of the internal data. User application web side after all of the message is stored on the local server, so for some of the more strict with the security company is necessary. Teampel, meanwhile, have an independent App, of course, the App just complement, more demand or in the PC.

Teampel team research and development of the earliest PDF, Beijing team less than 20 r&d personnel. At present, companies use within ten Teampel is permanent free. And about earnings, Chen Shi said, hope the products can be put in the market as soon as possible, and then according to the feedback constantly optimize, consider profit points accumulated a certain customer base.

Teampel currently the biggest challenge is how to promote to be approved by the user. Next, Chen Shi said the team will increase the intensity of product promotion, from both in Beijing and Taiwan respectively on promotion (Beijing face the mainland market, Taiwan for overseas markets). B company had accumulated PDF user, as users have overlapping part of the end user with Teampel, so has advantage in early promotion, at the same time, Teampel will intensify offline BD promotion.