a few days ago uniqlo event hot the whole social circle, developers article of headlines, general content is not blindly follow suit, respect social bottom line at such a time. Hunting cloud network asked, aye? You do not share IT? Founder QiXiang laugh, this is something that our team attitude.

with the article shows that attitude? Developers headlines this project itself is volume too much with his attitude. 6 developers, in the form of remote collaboration for developers to create a named headlines of App developers. App released about a month, the rate of 60% or more.

QiXiang was ali’s programmers, product manager, now he is doing.

about developers headline story is a bit long, cause is QiXiang active weibo. QiXiang on weibo would like to share, see good IT unconsciously accumulated a lot of fans and considerable amount of forwarding. But weibo fragmentation information points minutes steady wave, QiXiang thought: no, so good content cannot be covered, we have to do a thing to these effective information to achieve wider value. Hence the code farmers weekly.

code farmers weekly free email message in the form of high quality content, focus on the dry to share. Team did more than a year, 79, the actual 50000 subscribers. When mail hits the indicators such as after reaching a considerable number of expected, QiXiang thought, no, can only passive to accept this limited product form, we have to do more interactive content. Hence the now the developer of the headlines.

developers headlines early in website localization is the preferred reading sharing platform for developers. QiXiang said it was their first version, and now is developing a new platform. Content more reinforcement and multivariate, added more social and personalized section in it.

The content of the

developers headlines now has become UGC UGC + edit selected from early, edit screen. At present most of the users are in high-end developers, mainly concentrated in north shenzhen, Beijing most users. QiXiang said: “now many developers headlines user weekly of code, is to subscribe to the user. It has become a weekly well-chosen weekly newspaper. Our user is both producer and the receiver, from them, also just content.” For this phenomenon, the developers love articles developers headlines provides a high quality content distribution channels. Traffic is not care about developers headlines platform, they care more about the developer itself can bring an irreplaceable value.

now daily articles collection rate and high quality work can reach thousands of thumb up rate, there is a very fun thing is that when developers headlines coming online, a coordinate code of Beijing weekly users do it himself a code farmers weekly third-party applications, contribute by platform about QiXiang team.

now share the IT community has bole online, CSDN, geek headlines, QiXiang said: “the product is behind a group of people, is the soul behind. Our new version online, the subsequent difference will be more and more obvious.” Hunting cloud network with QiXiang headlines are looking forward to the upcoming developers new version.