(text/Wang Dongguo)

professional help is a perpendicular to the local community of the HR (human resources) APP, aims to build a share for HR, communication, and growth of professional community. Job hunting cover all walks of life information, HR information industry in the latest activities, HR for help ridicule and the communication between the HR contact. It is understood that the product has been on June 12, in both ios and android platform. APP2.0 version will be launched in mid-july, strengthening the internal recruitment and HR activities.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting on the market are not specifically for the HR professional networking APP, but there are community products for programmers, programmers inn, for example, provide the programmer with outsourcing, job search, networking and business support services platform. In this, the difference of the professional help is reflected.

professional help co-founder Chen Shaoqin tell hunting cloud network, the HR in China around 3 million, annual output value of more than 150 billion HR industry, serve the industrial chain of HR complete and complex, the HR user has a very high commercial value, their online participation is strong, is active. But the lack of communication between the HR does not have a suitable platform to communicate the practical problems encountered in the work, this is the HR customer pain points.

professional help in the HR community communication as the breakthrough point, build the HR position publishing platform and publishing platform, HR activities help HR expand contacts, find career opportunities, found the offline communication activities. Products to target user has two kinds:

1) pure HR people

2) many HR services, including management consulting, corporate training, recruitment solutions, information services, personnel agency, service outsourcing.

specific to the product of the business model, Chen Shaoqin convective cloud network said, at present, the HR industry oriented Internet applications use the C2C mode, a few for B2B mode, and the output is not high. Professional help in HR for the breach of the B2B service, focusing on 22 million small and medium-sized enterprise HR services.

second, the vast majority of HR industry in the market the Internet applications are biased tool properties, not only difficult to form a technical barriers, also around the characteristics of the HR and hard to carry out the service. The service professional help for HR users is built around its characteristic, in order to maintain high stickiness, by grasping the HR people of high value to form a barrier. This tool properties are not substitute for, and can expand the higher value of HR industry O2O platform.

it is known that professional help founding team has many years of working experience in HR. Founder and CEO zhigang wang, with 15 years experience in HR consulting training, served as foreign HR consulting company executives. Co-founder and director of operations Chen Shaoqin, a former China mobile guangzhou branch HR. User Li Dingbo operations director, has more than 10 years HR experience.

Chen Shaoqin tell hunting cloud network, professional help is committed to become the first social platform in the field of HR, on the basis of its development become China first disintermediated O2O platform in the field of enterprise training, plans to launch at the end of the year.

financing, Chen Shaoqin said, an angel round financing is underway.