(text/Zhang Huiqian)

the private build is a hope to provide clothing collocation one-on-one service, and connecting with the intimate social patterns of wear type of app. Founder li zhi, and technology is in private before, li zhi is another project technology partners, but differ as a result and friend idea at that time, just have such a project, and his hand if out of business. Chose clothing collocation is the breakthrough point, li zhi, the reason is very simple, actually he is largely in technology, and the more slovenly, has long wanted to improve their dress sense and fruit, the emergence of private take is to make people having the same problems with oneself get help.

the main functions of the private build has two, one is the collocation function of consulting, the collocation of teacher mainly through post show personal style, in the form of user information according to the article expresses the choice suits own collocation and consulting. Consulting service points, free and paid two modes, free with higher degrees of freedom, li zhi said, couldn’t get a reply, you’re probably because collocation is compulsory labor division; Pay will according to your requirements, timely provide tie-in proposal for you. Second, friends sharing function, the characteristics of the circle of friends is the main social with close illicit, and sharing are clothing collocation such as state, only friends can see. And most of the wear take a similar type of app, the private build user positioning is given priority to with 18 to 35 years old of young women, because this part of the people pay more attention to fashion.

the current private android version has been launched, the ios version is still under review, the current version is no front page content, 17th of this month, the home page open the formal version of the line at the meeting. Now is still in the stage of user drainage, the number of users is not sure, but now the collocation of teacher is provided by the merchants cooperation brands or enterprises in platform, ten several, is growing. Selection of infancy, tie-in division standard is loose, you just need to upload their own collocation audit work and personal identity, through can be in collocation, this is mainly to integrate collocation teacher resources as much as possible into the platform, whether professional or amateur. And on the platform at present article t uploaded by collocation, for original articles do not require, later will limit, to this hope is given priority to with original as much as possible.

after the product launch, promotion is quite important also. Private build is currently planning the three kinds of propaganda way, one is in the market for some of the first resources, the second is to seek media, third, and most major is brands offline looking for cooperation in collocation, and in view of the products we use scenarios such as shopping malls, dating sites, gathering place cooperate propaganda, such as drainage of users online various distribution channels. But some scheme carried out after 17, is launched.

at present, the market emerged a lot of wear take the class platform, among them and the private is most similar to “feel”, originally named perfect wardrobe, it is also provide consultation service for collocation division, said there are other including mushroom street, beautiful, dressing assistant functions such as the application of some overlap. For this kind of market environment, li zhi, I think it that everyone is bullish on the market, and in the development process of the private build will avoid direct conflict and have big brand influence of app, such as temporary not buy online features, but emphasize the collocation of one-on-one service, and the expansion of the service, eventually become a benchmarking, emphasizes the great differentiation, as to the subsequent development or resources, who can in a more optimized scheme integrating resources, who can seize market opportunities.

build for millions of people have private investment, the present stage to grinding products, such as the contents of the home page for further planning and thinking free pay dual mode how to balance this kind of problem, there is no next round of financing plan for now.