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cloud network hunting note: for hesitating whether to submit application for entrepreneurs to startup accelerator, in this paper, the author, Jaco co-founder Danni Friedland, and gives some application in detail and attention points on the tips. The author hopes these Suggestions can help your application is successful, not only can help more entrepreneurs for forming a longer-term prospects of the company, and make the company at an early date on track.

just six months ago, my company Jaco just a Israel ravi method in the first stage of the product research and development of small start-ups. Six months later, however, has become the we have dozens of stable customers, with strength from the many silicon valley’s top venture capital for investment in the industry.

the theory of how we were in such a short time to reach this height, own efforts is needless to say, of course, in addition to mention we have to join a startup accelerator UpWest Labs provided resources brings us great convenience, enables us to with our target customer base, including the United States market, one step closer.

add UpWest Labs experience let me learned a lot. And now as a “graduates” of the project, I think it is necessary and hundreds of other entrepreneurs to share experience and lessons learned in the course of this project, I hope my advice can make some potential startup accelerator was inspired by the applicant. In fact, almost all these Suggestions is very easy to understand, but if they can be effectively applied to practice, will significantly affect your business process. They not only can effectively improve startup accelerator admissions “chance”, may even affect the company’s philosophy and operating mode.

1. Prior to judge the accelerator project resources and demand match company

before you set your mind to join any accelerator project, should first ask yourself: “what I really want from your project?” And then according to their own needs to evaluate the project, there are two main criteria of evaluation: one is to evaluate the accelerator “resume” in the past, and to consider whether it has the ability to provide startup the resources needed. To myself, for example, my company to join the accelerator is mainly in order to get in contact with the high profile customers to communicate, in order to further expand the customer base. On the other hand, to attract investors is one of the goals we want to achieve. So I think to join UpWest Labs, remove silicon valley startup accelerator project is a perfect expand the scale of our company.

on the other hand, a startup accelerator project also means that entrepreneurial teams to ready to leave for another country. My company to join the accelerator project required us to four months of the year was spent in silicon valley. Entrepreneurs must be ready to move with accelerator project, that is why this can close to development stage of entrepreneurial company close contact, while the latter is the biggest advantage of this type of project.

in addition, the early stage of the psychological preparation for the long-term commitment is must be done well. You have to realize from the accelerator project “graduation” is not the end of all it’s more like a start. To make the company development for a long time we all have to put eyes on the long term. You must take a long-term view on company issues and ready to undertake the obligation to the company for a long time. And no matter whether you have about the company’s long-term development plan, will be reflected in the application process, will be in a certain extent affect the application result. Because as a director, you have an obligation to ensure the company after leaving the project and good planning and prospects, after all, the company is rising is not achieved overnight.

2. Make full use of the accelerator “alumni network”

before thinking of joining a project, it is important to obtain first-hand information as much as possible. Such as asking “alumni” on a project of the project, they to the project evaluation, the merits and demerits, and project planner during project participation, and so on.

in addition, with the “alumni network” to build a relationship is important one annulus. They can for you in front of your potential customers and investors, can also affect your chance of admission to accelerator project. This kind of relations are more likely to sublimation in other ways, such as two adopts the model of B2B marketing companies are likely to develop each other for the customer.

3. Insight into the market

successful application depends on fully understand of the market, of course, to the project host will show this is extremely important. Say to the industrial landscape, let their own company in the competition strategy. You also have to correctly understand your competitors, the market direction and change, more entrepreneurial motivation for his own interpretation. To charting of the above information is not only means that you apply for a step closer to success, also shows you to run a company.

4. A good team is half success

to benefit from any startup accelerator project as much as possible, the number of entrepreneurial teams tend to be the more the better. Accelerator as the name suggests accelerate the work of your hand, and accelerate the degree of proportional to the resources. During the project team should have at least two to three people, because the team must be responsible for the product, marketing and other daily affairs, in order to provide to the CEO to focus on the freedom of corporate strategy. Of course, compared with team size, team quality is the most important factor. After all, ceos and close cooperation between team need to use for harmonious relations, and hit it off with the one always easier.

5. Don’t be an armchair strategist

in the end, the implementation of performance is also a important part of the application. In most cases, if the startup products have been put into the market (or at least the core values of a minimum viable product) will leap from the good and evil people mixed up of applicants. This law is especially suitable for consumer products and SaaS (software as a service) industry, because this type of industry development cycle, often in a few months or so. , on the other hand, if your company focuses on some of the development of labor-intensive industries (such as unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) or security system), the accelerator project value of bright spots tend to be different. But usually by showing the product concept and professional and experienced technical team, audit team can give a good impression, so as to create space for further communication.

it is clear that the startup development progress, the more advanced, more dominant in the application. Company with us in the same period UpWest Lab, some before joining has reached a certain sales, also completed the seed round, although different projects on this aspect is not the same, but any evidence sufficient to show team with high execution will greatly increase the chance to be “accepted”.


apply to any startup accelerator would be a good opportunity to exercise it is almost a half forced to let you learn to systematically organize the everything, let you consider the company’s market with a long-term vision and plan, reasonably assign team members work, more responsible to fulfill the company’s basic functions, etc. Preparation although tiring, but it will make you more fully understand the accelerator program you are applying for, let you have the opportunity to be prepared for the obligations. To develop after the application is successful use of resources to strengthen company plan. Do all this not only is helpful to you in the application, also can let the benefit that the company’s operations in the future.


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