good electricity can not only satisfy the material fan just need, provide the perfect user experience, will also join the high level of spiritual pursuit. If each piece of contentment of commodity has its own story behind, art and electricity, then the Internet like life rhyme, make purchases a natural poem.

Fancy abroad is such a website, users to share pictures, pictures can buy anything, powerful 30 languages system already has millions of fans around the world. Domestic network of wild sugar is also share designer electricity, compared with taobao, jingdong, more artistic and purchase desire. Today, when it comes to pringles gathered, not only have a designer to join, it has its own unique visual experience, and broader sharing platform.

pringles gathered founder & amp; CEO Fan Qiao is a senior product manager, first create a art studio and apple online education platform, also made two good space design. After because of his private collection is Shared by many friends, and have unlimited inspiration for electricity, and Fan Qiao feel to share his vision and match capacity to people in need, than the original works to influence people to prove himself to more directly, so the pringles gathered appeared.

and product flocked to appear like the reflection of the art dealer, good design is not a distance, but to have, a good designer will also be able to separate their own brands, realize their own value, and we need a platform to let small national brand also promoted. So, designers share private collection on pringles gathered for users with the quality requirements, or the user can get what you want on the platform of collocation scheme, form a reverse customization mode. To solve the pursue high quality life style between users and the high quality goods without reliable effective media platform the pain points.

Fan Qiao tell hunting cloud network, pringles gathered for the three stages of development.

the first stage, under the ordinary electric business architecture, the official certification in the field of 108 different designers, share their private collections and designs, each commodity has stylist the stories he wrote or introduction, through the text and images to the user on the sensory cognitive, let family feel more about the right goods purchase desire.

the second stage, has the certain users and designers, B2C system will also add designer collocation, whether to match clothes, or indoor soft outfit is tie-in, can share for users with quality pursuit and taste different style, make plan form online offline full-service C2D private custom pattern. And with building, brand business cooperation.

“superior set” will appear at this stage, flocked to select the recommended goods, every product through the official evaluation group and senior designer application in design, function, material, workmanship, evaluation on the scene, will eventually be presented to the user of goods data visualization.

in particular, there will be present at this stage assistant program, the user to select a gift object occurs more than 20 cartoon portrait, to embody the characteristics of different objects, and then search out the gift property of commodity, make the gift more intimate and personal.

the third stage, the pringles gathered all the raise will be geared to the needs of designers and design team, designed to let users and designers of zero distance docking. Original product approval by the user, the manufacturer at predetermined quantity production platform alliance, respond to the fetish of individuality lifestyle.

mentioned profit, Fan Qiao said: “the beginning we won’t consider profit, in the back of the development, not only the traditional system of commission, in cooperation with real estate developers, brands, or directly to the user when the profit. Through the background and the user behavior data visualization, advertising and other invisible earnings.”

hunting cloud network learned that pringles gathered in beta, angel round has officially started.