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the famous American justice cardozo has said: “the law, like travel, must prepare for tomorrow. It must have the principle of growth.” In the present age, growth is the principle of advancing with The Times. on the other hand, the law itself along with the development of the era of change; Lawyers and public use legal way, on the other hand, should also change. in the wave of Internet + across all aspects of people’s life, work, there is a field also undercurrent, that is the law. The current law has many weaknesses, for people to find a lawyer is a very high threshold, high consumption, even rich, please not good lawyer also abound; For lawyers, there is no suitable diabetes mellitus, a large number of fragments of time used to marketing yourself, this had to say it’s lawyer waste of resources. There is a person, see the many pain points, he is ChuZhenYu —

ChuZhenYu, a serial entrepreneur has three entrepreneurial experience, the first two startups are respectively in ’06 and’ 08, the third is the polling method from the year before. polling method is a dedicated to integrate pieces of lawyers time and expertise to the O2O platform to solve the problem of legal user. tell hunting cloud network CEO ChuZhenYu: “with the development of the society, the public legal consciousness also more and more strong, and involves the legal entanglements things are related to two things, money and life. For this group, the legal problem, but there was no answer channels, is undoubtedly a pain points.” Is numerous, but the present legal O2O products from the earlier looking for the French open, to the present green dog, there are quite a few legal practitioners want to in the Internet age become industry subversives. How to stand out in the numerous legal products, this is a law must face the problem.

now platform of Internet law, there are three kinds of modes: one is represented by the green dog provide registered company, trademark legal services platform, the operation mode, the user viscosity is low; 2 is a delegate with fast legal help entrepreneurial teams docking legal services platform, but entrepreneurial teams are generally limited funding, paid to weaker; Three is represented by looking for the French law consulting information platform, access to information is not, however in the era of mobile Internet will become the mainstream. on legal has carried on the comprehensive observation and analysis of O2O products, ChuZhenYu such positioning polling method – this is a share of economic law Internet service products. : so what is share of economic law Internet service product? simple says, is O2O + C2C mode, namely the online user questions, 30 minutes, can have a lawyer to answer, after the q&a, communication between the user and the lawyers, resulting in a trust, and next, according to the needs of users, with their recognition of lawyers can produce offline communication services. it is worth mentioning, in view of the user’s problems, only three lawyers can answer, that is to say, this is a kind of mechanism of vies to answer first. This vies to answer first mechanism are pointed, and more professional, also improve the satisfaction of the user experience.

said to the lawyer, polling method has its own lawyer authentication mechanism. First of all, registered lawyers from job seniority card must be within the period of validity; Secondly, there must be at least two years experience. With the above two conditions, to accept method of related training, management mechanism and respect for law. In addition to the outstanding teams of lawyers, polling method and two moat: first, there is a famous law firm resources; Second, is the cooperation with related functional departments in Shanghai. the combination of the two resources, from online to offline, from policy implementation to the professional, can make the method to get twice the result with half the effort.

method of the core team, in addition to ChuZhenYu, there are three people. They are responsible for product, technology and legal. Three per capita in the excellent practitioners has many years experience in their respective fields. Now the whole team has 13 members. When it comes to expectations of polling method, ChuZhenYu tell hunting cloud network: “I hope the polling method is a useful to the public product, now in the sharing of economic era, we want to do in the field of law Uber.”

polling method will be launched in September this year. At present, the polling method, hope to get millions of level of angel financing.

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