hunting cloud network (note: the author is Lee Hower, silicon valley’s top investors, PayPal early employees, and now a co-founder and partner at NextView Ventures.

I found in some startups, atmosphere is becoming more and more impetuous, the individuals, companies and even the entire industry has a bad influence. To calmly discuss the problem may not be too easy, in order not to appear too bastard I’ll share two little story in my own work!!!! But I think this problem is necessary to discuss, especially considering the hot environment now.

my first job was working in a startup early employees do PayPal, got the job by the end of 1999, started work in 2000 after a few months. In the beginning, I only three to five days can go home every month and then live-in girlfriend (now wife) for dinner, almost a year, I started every weekend some time to work in the near the office.

I start with product managers, although I am not in the office for the night, but often have to work overtime to very late. Another product manager ready sleeping bags, habitually sleep in his under the table. I came into the office in the morning often find our CEO (at that time or Elon Musk) in product team on the sofa in the lounge. Every year the end of the year the company holiday party, this is a partnership will work sublimation is an excellent place for friendship. And for the first time in the true sense of celebration and we produce the feeling of “we did it”, is listed on February 14, 2002, PayPal. At that time, the company’s annual earnings reached $200 million, is one of the first batch of listed companies after the Internet bubble.

when we create a LinkedIn, the situation is very similar. We have is quite an experienced and organised the founding team, almost all of us before and Reid Hoffman in PayPal or SocialNet worked together, so there is no “appointment”, or to build trust, ethical issues. At the end of 2002, we began to in the evenings and weekends to do the work related to LinkedIn, because some people have daily work during the day, to February 2003, all immersed in the LinkedIn. Although it’s difficult to take care of the family, but everyone to work until eight at nine o ‘clock in the evening or later, and then we can’t even provide dinner for employees.

now I have noticed such a phenomenon: I’m afraid there are a large part of the people who is in the “play” a startup.

this is Graham in a paper, although slightly different meanings. I mean some people join startups because feel so cool or make money, not because they want to change the world, also won’t put her heart and soul into it. We see soon into the company of a new company is still in the seed of asking how much you can take severance pay, see not many people in the work but in the workplace are chatting, drinking and founder of indulge in as a “entrepreneurs” way of life, think you got the B round of investment is very great. The whole company is like a busy cheerleaders, then a five o ‘clock in the afternoon people shout once sneaked away (and basic it is ten o ‘clock in the morning before coming to work).

overall, I believe that everyone should pursue Brad Feld work/life balance. In fact established a successful start-up company is in need of some sacrifice, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a lot of family life, social, hobby. At the same time of hard work, you can also find fun, meet friends. In PayPal before I can often and Jeremy Stoppelman at lunch time go to play golf, this activity is not only a long day work very good relaxation, also we established a long-term friendship.

in addition, a lot of people are now working in start-ups, or want to go, or want to set up a, no matter how to say this is a good thing. Than a decade or two years ago, there are more companies set up, it is also a good thing. And in just the past few years just in the success of many large enterprises, it is almost unprecedented.

in recent months, but I have seen more and more playing “start-up” phenomenon, in Boston, New York and San Francisco I seen too many such companies and individuals.

then I, or us, why want to care about this? Because even though you work hard commitment also will not necessarily succeed, but these are unlikely to succeed.

I want to say I very hard, but I can only in both PayPal and LinkedIn in medium, and neither the laziest nor the most hardworking. More important than work time length, I think is my enthusiasm for the cause of colleagues, let them put yourself into it, led the company to success step by step, this also prompted me to look at them. We also recognize that failure is inevitable, it’s difficult to get success, between efforts to target and reach the goal there is a big gap.

unfortunately now I seldom see this kind of enthusiasm. I often see company when not enough level to produce the right feeling, see people lack of investment and hard work, especially when the work is boring but important when I see people in a perfunctory attitude towards work, can’t catch the point.

I don’t want to indiscriminately criticism of all employees, and startup founder, I still believe that most of the company has a serious attitude and the ability to deal with challenges. A few months ago I met a founder and CEO, and the whole company almost 11 o ‘clock on New Year’s eve 100 individuals work together to complete the final work. Last autumn, I saw a failing company is trying to seek a new round of investment and the method of any possible to save the company. In another weekend, near my office I met one on Sunday afternoon in the founder of hard work. I worry about some things also have some other thing gave me great comfort.

maybe this is just part of the process of development, but playing “start-up” phenomenon still exists. I will do whatever I can to cultivate and support the intention to do the company. But before this, first seriously think about what we can do.


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